Glyer Now at Guesthouse


Booted from the Prep School after caught viewing pornography on his St. John’s Prep School computer, Br. Isidore Glyer is now working in the St. John’s Abbey Guesthouse.

Interestingly, Br. Isidore Glyer’s short bio on the guesthouse web site [ View ] makes no mention of his work at the Prep School.

From the Guesthouse Web Site:

Br. Isidore joined Saint John’s Abbey in 1996. Throughout his time at Saint John’s, Isidore has made use of his organizational skills in service to the abbey. He has been employed by the Saint John’s Fire Department, Abbey Woodworking, and Abbey Liturgy, to name a few. He is currently chair of the Abbey’s Task Force for Environmental Sustainability.

In 2007 Isidore joined the staff of the Abbey Guesthouse. As Assistant Guestmaster, Isidore works with groups coming for overnight retreats and meetings. He juggles rooms, meals, and meeting space so that each group may enjoy the peaceful and prayerful atmosphere of the Abbey Guesthouse without having to worry about the details.

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