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Gagliardi’s Puzzling Response

Saint John’s University football coach John Gagliardi has finally spoken on the record about sexual misconduct. In a Saint Cloud Times article regarding sex abuse at Penn State and Joe Paterno, Gagliardi said, “It’s just hard to believe anything like this … Continue reading

Gagliardi shocked by Penn State scandal

(SC Times) COLLEGEVILLE — Like most in the college football world and beyond, St. John’s coach John Gagliardi has been shocked by the sex-abuse scandal that has rocked head coach Joe Paterno and the Penn State football program.

Unfair reporting hurts St. John’s

“Hospitality runs rampant within the St. John’s Abbey and, as a music major, this is clear at student recitals, largely attended by the monks in support of the students.”

No Whistles, No Tackling and No End in Sight for St. John’s Coach

(NY Times) COLLEGEVILLE, Minn. — The black-and-yellow-golf cart that St. John’s University Coach John Gagliardi drives during his team’s football practices is rarely idle.

For coaches at Saint John’s, no pastures greener

“Somewhere on this campus there is always a light on and a door unlocked,” says the Rev. Timothy Backous, who served as athletics director from 2003 to 2006 and now is the headmaster of Saint John’s prep school. “I think … Continue reading

Force of Habit

The bells have been ringing for thirty minutes, but it is the sound of a cane rattling through the empty, cavernous church that suggests prayer. It is held by an old man, his stooped body covered in the flowing black … Continue reading

Football Family Values (Gagliardi/

“John [Gagliardi] is the glue that holds the St. John’s community together.”

Monks as Players, Coaches, Chaplains and Fans

Even as monks, members of the abbey have made significant contributions to Saint John’s athletics. Father Dunstan Tucker, remembered as Saint John’s greatest baseball coach, won the conference championship in 1969 on his 70th birthday. Other monk-coaches were Fathers Fintan … Continue reading

The Gentlest Giants

[Webmaster’s Note: The following Sports Illustrated article came out in August of 1992, exactly one year after the sexual abuse scandal on campus hit the media. View ]