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Churches full of sinners, of course

Two sexual molestation lawsuits against yet another Catholic institution surfaced late this summer. Bede Parry was a priest and director for a boys’ choir at Conception Abbey in Conception, Mo., about 17 miles southeast of Maryville. While supervising a boys’ … Continue reading

Second lawsuit filed against Conception Abbey

[Webmaster’s Note: The misconduct in this new lawsuit began in 1982. It should be noted that Bede Parry, the monk named in this lawsuit, engaged in misconduct with a St. John’s student in 1981 [ View ] while attending the … Continue reading

Male victims of abuse need help, support

Another accusation, another cover-up, another betrayal, another lawsuit — as reported in the June 24 Times, “Former St. Cloud bishop accused of abuse cover-up.” The news details the claimed lack of effective action demonstrated by religious hierarchy who were aware … Continue reading

St. John’s University President Linked to Abbey Coverup

Many of the monks at St. John’s Abbey knew about Br. Parry’s misconduct. On one occasion, Fr. Bob Koopmann made a joke about “blowing a student” that was clearly directed at Br. Parry. –

Visiting Monk: Rev. Michael Brunovsky, OSB

Name: Rev. Michael Brunovsky, OSB Allegation Type: Sexual Misconduct Date: 1990-1991 School Year Location: St. John’s University in Collegeville, MN

Fr. Anthony Adds British Flavor to Monastery

Every so often in life we are blessed with characters who make part of everyday a bit more interesting. Fr. Anthony Smithwick fits this description perfectly. [Webmasters Note: While at St. John’s, Smithwick allegedly engaged in sexual misconduct with at … Continue reading