1984 Dunstan Moorse Abuse Incident

[Victim] said that he had returned back to the Prep dorms after hours one night during his Junior year [1984]. He was one half hour late. Father Dunstan asked him to sit down so that he could give him some sexual advice.

Father Dunstan wanted to know if he was using or knew how to use contraceptives. [Victim] asked why he wanted to know about this. Soon after. Father Dunstan “grabbed his dick”. [Victim] said that he (Dunstan) should not put himself in jeopardy.

[Victim], having “street smarts” from growing up in a tough neighborhood, knew enough to get out of the room. He left the room.

[Victim] was good friends with Fr. Otto. He felt that Dunstan was somewhat jealous of this relationship with Otto. [Victim] told Fr. Otto what happened and that he thinks Fr. Otto told either Br. Linus or the abbot (or both). He said that the incident was dealt with quietly.

Notes from 1990 Phone Interview
Phone Interview

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