Crosiers list 19 accused men, one newly linked to St. Cloud


(SC Times) A new name with ties to the St. Cloud area has surfaced on a list of Crosiers with at least one credible accusation of sexually abusing a minor against them, according to an announcement from the religious order.

The list of 19 men, released Thursday by the Crosier Fathers and Brothers, includes the names of eight Crosiers disclosed in 2002 after a third-party investigation. Newly disclosed were the names of 11 other current, former or deceased Crosiers who have credible allegations against them. One of the men on that list, Gerald Funcheon, formerly served at St. Cloud Cathedral High School.

According to the Crosiers, Funcheon served as a teacher and spiritual director at the school from 1980-1982. St. Cloud was Funcheon’s 10th stop of 14 between 1965 and 1987. He was removed from ecclesiastical ministry in 1993 and now lives in Missouri, according to the Crosiers.

Michael Mullin, president of St. Cloud Cathedral, referred comment to the Diocese of St. Cloud. Representatives from the diocese could not be reached Saturday.

Others on the list with St. Cloud ties who were previously named include: Neil Emon, who served as a pastor in the area from 1980-1989; James Moeglein, who served as a deacon from 1969-1970 and Roger Vaughn who served as a parochial vicar from 1980-1984.

Emon and Vaughn served at the Church of St. Peter while Moeglein served at St. Mary’s.

Emon and Moeglein were removed from ecclesiastical ministry in 2002. Emon lives in Phoenix, Ariz. Moeglein lives in Onamia. Both are subject to safety plans, according to the Crosiers.

Vaughn, who now lives in New York, was removed from duty in 2000 and dismissed in 2001. He is no longer a member of the Catholic Church, according to the Crosier document.

“It is our hope that this will bring healing, peace and comfort to the victims and their families,” said Crosier Prior Provincial Thomas Enneking in the statement. “Even though the last occurrence of abuse took place more than 20 years ago, the stigma remains for all of us. We pray for forgiveness and the opportunity to strengthen our ministry and service to everyone in need.”

There are also two undisclosed names for claims are under investigation. If the allegations are substantiated, those names will be added to this list in the future.

19 names

Men who face credible allegations of sexual abuse, according to the Crosiers:

Named in 2002 were:

Neil Emon

Gabriel Guerrero

Gregory Madigan

Bruce Maxwell

James Moeglein

Thomas O’Brien

Richard Ohlemacher

Justin Weger

The 11 newly named are:

Timothy Conlon

Cornelius DeVenster

Gerald Funcheon

Eugene Hambrock

Joseph Lendacky

Ron Melancon

Wendell Mohs

Michael Paquet

Anton Schik

Urban Schmitt

Roger Vaughn

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Crosiers list 19 accused men, one newly linked to St. Cloud
St. Cloud Times
Ben Katzner
March 8, 2014

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