Disappearance of SJU student reaches 7 years


Family and friends of Josh Guimond today will mark seven years since the St. John’s University student disappeared after leaving a card party on campus.

Guimond’s family and supporters are planning a walk near the St. John’s campus and a march in front of the Stearns County Sheriff’s Office as part of what is intended to be the first Justice for Josh march.

The family also plans a prayer service this evening at Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Maple Lake.

Guimond was last seen about midnight Nov. 9, 2002, after leaving an apartment where he and a small group of friends were playing cards.

His friends believed he was using the bathroom. When he didn’t come back after 15 minutes, they assumed he had walked back to his dorm room.

Guimond, who was 20 when he disappeared, has not been seen since.

His family is convinced that Guimond was taken against his will, citing the fact that he didn’t have his glasses or contact lenses, his vehicle, credit cards or clothing appropriate for the November weather. Nothing was missing from his dorm room.

Sheriff’s officials conducted extensive searches of the campus, waters near the apartment where Guimond was playing cards and many campus buildings.

Those searches turned up no evidence that shed any light on what happened to Guimond.

Anyone with information about what might have happened to Guimond is asked to call the Stearns County Sheriff’s Office at 259-3700.

Disappearance of SJU student reaches 7 years
By David Unze
November 7, 2009

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