Father Andert Removed from Prep School’s Melk Reunion Page


In the past 24 hours, Father Tom Andert’s name was removed from the “Melk Reunion” page on the St. John’s Prep School Web Site.

Yesterday, Father Andert appeared on the list with over 100 other individuals planning to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Prep School’s Melk Program.

Earlier today, Andert’s name appeared in two lawsuits [ View ] and when checked this afternoon, Andert’s name was missing from the Melk Reunion web page.


Credibly-accused St. John’s Abbey monk/priest Father Jonathan Licari’s name is on the list along with that of Br. Dennis Beach.

Not surprisingly, credibly-accused former monk Br. Jason (Nicholas) Griffith’s name is not on the list. Griffith left the abbey and has been credibly accused of misconduct with a student while ON a Melk trip.

Also, current monk and priest in Saint Joseph, Minnesota, Father Jerome Tupa’s name is not on the list. Tupa has also been accused of misconduct with at least two students.

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