Francisco Schulte’s Revised Work History


Below is the latest version of Fr. Schulte’s work and travel history. How many victims does Fr. Francisco Schulte have?

San Antonio Abad School – Chaplain (Puerto Rico) (1977-1981)
St. John’s Prep School – Chaplain (Minnesota) (1981-1983)
St. John’s Foreign Language Camp (Mexico, Puerto Rico and Minnesota) (1982)
Sacred Heart Cathedral – Priest (North Carolina) (1984-1986)
Archdiocese of Raleigh – Hispanic Ministry (North Carolina) (1984-1986)
St. John’s Prep School – Campus Ministry (Minnesota) (1985-1987)
Pontifical Gregorian University (Rome) (1987-1994)
St. John’s – Hispanic Ministry (Minnesota) (1994-1997)
St. John’s – School of Theology (Minnesota) (1994-????)
St. John’s – Oblate Director (Minnesota) (1995-1997)
St. John’s- Spiritual Life Program (Minnesota) (1996)
St. Augustine Monastery – Subprior (Bahamas) (1997-1999)
St. Augustine’s – Oblate Director (Bahamas) (1997-1999)
St. Augustine’s – Hispanic Ministry (Bahamas) (1997-1999)
St. John’s – Campus Ministry (Minnesota) (2000)
St. John’s – Retreat Director for Oblates (Minnesota) (2001)
Basilica of Guadalupe (Mexico) (2005-2006)
San Anselmo Monastery – Staff of Abbot Primate (Rome) (2006-????)
San Anselmo Monastery – Director of Weddings (Rome) (2007-????)
Tour Guide and Lecturer (Rome) (2007-????)
San Benedetto Monastery (Subiaco, Italy) (????-2010)

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