Minnesota Child Victims Act Signed


Chapter 89: Relating to civil actions; changing the limitation period for civil actions involving sexual abuse; amending Minnesota Statutes.

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What does this new law mean for victims of sexual abuse?

The bill gets rid of the civil statutes of limitation for child sexual abuse cases going forward. Older cases would be treated differently. The bill gives those victims three years to file lawsuits. [ MPR ]

The Child Victims Act, as passed in the House, would eliminate the civil statute of limitations for all new cases. For past cases, it would give victims three years to decide whether to file a lawsuit. At the end of the three-year window, no lawsuits for past abuse would be allowed. [ MPR ]

It’s time to change the statute of limitations to reflect modern realities. And it should be done in a way that doesn’t provide more wiggle room for institutions to escape accountability. In doing so, victims who chose to come forward will get their day in court to seek justice against their perpetrators. And, if more victims come forward, there’s a possibility that more sexual predators will be identified before they do harm. [ StarTribune ]

Adults who suffered childhood sexual abuse and want to file lawsuits against both abusers and the institutions that employed them will have greater access to Minnesota’s court system under a bill awaiting Gov. Mark Dayton’s signature. [ StarTribune ]

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