St. John’s Abbey to return $2 million from Petters


COLLEGEVILLE, Minn.—The monks of St. John’s Abbey in Collegeville have decided to the return $2 million from convicted businessman Tom Petters.

The abbey received the donation from the Tom Petters Foundation for the construction of the Petters Pavilion in May 2007. The pavilion is an expansion of the Abbey Chapter House.

The monks have also decided to rename the building, but haven’t picked a new name yet. The monks made their decisions on Tuesday, but they were first reported Friday.

The abbey will work with a court overseer of Petter’s assets to return the money.

Earlier this month, a jury convicted Petters on 20 counts in a $3.5 billion fraud scheme. Petters’ lawyers have said they plan to appeal.

Pioneer Press
December 18, 2009


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