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Another abuse suit filed against Benedictine Order

For the second time in eight days, a lawsuit was filed against the Benedictine Order at St. John’s Abbey accusing it of covering up the sexual abuse of a student at St. John’s University 25 years ago.

2nd lawsuit filed against St. John’s Abbey

The second lawsuit in two weeks was filed Wednesday against St. John’s Abbey. The lawsuit accuses the abbey of fraud and contends that three monks either solicited or engaged in sexual misconduct with a former St. John’s University student.

Seven Years… Time To Start Asking Questions

Today (November 10, 2009) marks the seven year anniversary of Joshua Guimond’s disappearance from the St. John’s University campus in Collegeville, Minnesota.

Justice for Josh March

Press Release [ View as PDF ] October 29, 2009 Press Release – “Justice for Josh” March * Joshua Guimond disappeared while at St. John’s University in Collegeville, MN in 2002. * November 7, 2009 is the inaugural “Justice for … Continue reading

Abbot Relaxes Stand… Four Restricted Monks Featured

Four restricted monks were featured (with photos) in the Winter 2008 issue of the Abbey Banner. View Banner Home Their inclusion, especially in a feature story, contradicts Abbot Klassen’s previous statements regarding restricted monks and victim sensitivity. Link Soon.

Abbot John Klassen Relaxes Travel Restrictions

*** May 12, 2002: “Klassen said the Rev. Finian McDonald will not be allowed to travel this year to the Bahamas, where he has regularly spent several months each year at the abbey’s mission. McDonald ‘probably won’t’ go there ever … Continue reading

Dean of Men and Vice President of Student Affairs

Dean of Men and Vice President of Student Affairs Angelo Zankl, OSB 1935-1938 Walter Reger, OSB 1938-1943 Baldwin Dworschak, OSB 1943-1944 Walter Reger, OSB 1944-1947 Adelard Thuente, OSB 1947-1948

Credibly Accused of Sexual Misconduct

St. John’s Abbey Benedictine establishment at Collegeville, MN, the largest Benedictine monastery in the western world, adjacent to St. John’s University and St. John’s Preparatory School. At least 14 of the abbey’s nearly 200 monks have been credibly accused of … Continue reading

Ambassador Rood hosts St. John’s University Alumni

The U.S. Embassy issued the following press release: On January 18th,. U.S. Ambassador John Rood hosted a reception at his residence for Bahamian alumni of St. John’s University in Minnesota. Because of the close relations between St. John’s and St. … Continue reading

Too Many Rumors, Too Few Answers

Accused clergy remain at St. John’s Abbey, schools Abbot releases information to end ‘culture of secrecy’ that aids abuse

Court to Consider Expelling Clergy

A Minneapolis man who accuses St. John’s Abbey of “harboring pedophiles” has filed a court action demanding the removal of 11 monks and priests from St. John’s property.

Monks suffer with abusers in the family

The shame, anger and soul-searching that have gripped much of the U.S. Catholic church in the wake of an avalanche of sex abuse scandals this year have been felt acutely by the band of Benedictines who comprise the monastic community … Continue reading

To clergy victims, acknowledgment proves invaluable

Collegeville – An apology, validation and a promise to ensure sexual abuse won’t happen to another child or adult. These, for many survivors of clergy sexual abuse, are far more important than financial settlement.

11 monks on restriction; 2 on leave of absence

Under St. John’s policy, monks on restriction are to have no pastoral or teaching duties or unsupervised social contact with young people. They are not allowed to work in the prep school or university, use most campus facilities, or serve … Continue reading

Abuser monks out of the ministry, still in jobs

Minnesota’s Catholic bishops returned from Dallas with an explicit mandate to deal with sex abusers in the clergy. The “Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People” binds bishops around the country to the same “one-strike” policy.

Lawsuit Widens Claims of Abuse

Declaring themselves victims of sexual abuse and claiming that St. John’s Abbey has covered up such abuse for decades, two former prep school students on Thursday sued the abbey and two priests already living under restrictions because of sexual misconduct.

St. John’s Abbey Restricts 14th Monk

St. John’s Abbey officials have confirmed that a 14th member has been put on restrictions after being accused of sexual misconduct.

Statements by Abbot Timothy Kelly, OSB

Responding in a Time of Crisis [Date Unknown] Addresses and Statements by Abbot Timothy Kelly, OSB Saint John’s Abbot – 1990-2000 Various writings of Abbot Timothy Kelly, OSB, February 1993 to May 2000 from Abbot Timothy Kelly’s response to a … Continue reading

Restricted Priests Still Travel

Restrictions on the movements of nine St. John’s Abbey priests accused of sexual abuse have not kept at least four of them from traveling to Rome, the abbey’s missions in the Bahamas and Japan, or elsewhere in Minnesota and other … Continue reading

Abbot to Give Sheriff List

COLLEGEVILLE – Stearns County Sheriff Jim Kostreba has asked St. John’s Abbot John Klassen to list the whereabouts from 1970 to 1990 of 13 Benedictine monks and priests accused of sexual misdeeds.