1983 Dunstan Moorse Abuse Incident


I was a student at St. John’s Preparatory School in Collegeville, Minnesota from the years 1981 until 1985. I received my diploma in 1985. I was a resident at the school and lived on campus in a couple of different dormitory rooms.

When I arrived at St. John’s Prep, I was in a new environment and had to meet new people I was only twelve at the time and this was the first time I was away from home.

[Identifying Information Clipped. Victim’s friend died in the Prep School dorms.]

It was a difficult and traumatic situation for me to lose [Friend]. Let alone, being away from my family at a new school had been difficult enough. All in all it was a new and difficult adjustment period in my life.

During my sophomore year in 1982-83, I met Father Dunstan Moorse. Father Dunstan was one of my teachers, and we had a common interest in history. I was impressed with Father Dunstan’s knowledge of history and I was eager to show him that I knew and read a lot about history. I believe he was impressed with my understanding of the subjects we discussed, though I was only a sophomore in high school. We became very close friends discussing historical topics. We would discuss these things in his office after school or in his room at the dorm. Father Dunstan was one of the Prefects in the dormitory.

Father Dunstan also knew [about Friend]. There were times when our conversations would evolve around [Friend’s] death and how I was doing coping with the loss of my friend. Also he would introduce topics such as problems of adolescence, puberty, masturbation, wet dreams, relationships, or whatever. One time I recall that we were speaking about a certain topic of history and he asked me if I was aroused by the subject. I wasn’t certain what he meant be the comment. More and more the conversations would evolve to the sexual nature and less about history.

I recall a specific incident in my sophomore year, during one of the winter months of 1983, that I was having a conversation with Father Dunstan. We were in his office at the school. Father had told me that I had an outmoded and provincial mindset when it came to sexual matters and that I should adopt a new one. He had mentioned this to me before. Father Dunstan said that there was a way that I could overcome any feelings of guilt, or my traumatic experiences or frustrations. I recall that Father Dunstan mentioned that to do this the two of us needed to get “into the altogether”. He said it would be a “man on man bonding experience”. Father Dunstan went on to say that during this experience, he would play the role of the female.

I reca1l that father convinced me into undressing, or getting into the altogether, as he put it. Father Dunstan told me that it would be a rewarding and educational experience. father Dunstan even took out a condom to further enhance this educational experience. I recall him placing the condom on his penis and then he masturbated until he ejaculated. He encourage me to do the same. However, I did not do as he did. I remember when he had finished he looked extremely satisfied and he gave me a big hug. For me ,it was a frightening experience and I felt repelled by the what had happened. I was overjoyed to be leaving his office.

After it had happened, Father Dunstan and I drifted apart. I had heard some other rumors about Father Dunstan molesting a male student on campus. I was confused over what went on in his room that night and I wanted to ask him about it. I approached Dunstan, however he seemed nervous and disturbed talking about it. He ignored me and never gave me any indication that anything happened.

I had believed that what happened was going to be beneficial for me and I had trusted and respected Father Dunstan because who he was. However, I now believe that he achieved what he wanted for himself and exploited me in the process.

I have read this statement of three (3) pages and it is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and memory.

Name withheld.
Signed and dated August 28, 1992

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