1985 Dunstan Moorse Abuse Incident

[Victim] is now 22 years old and his date of birth is [Date]. He went to St. Johns Prep School and graduated from there in June of 1986. In the beginning of his senior year he was having some concerns and difficulties about his father’s girlfriend and he wanted to talk to somebody about it and he went to see Father Dunstan.

At that time Father Dunstan was a librarian and he was also teaching freshman classes. He had been a prefect earlier. That would be like a resident advisor in the dorms also. He wasn’t apparently this year. [Victim] went to him because he trusted him as a priest and as a friend and as somebody who he felt he could talk to about this concern that he had.

There is an evening he went to his office which is located in the main school in the library of the second floor. He pretty much told him he wanted to talk to him and what he wanted to talk about. [Victim] remembers the Dunstan Moorse went over and locked the door to the library which he now realizes was unusual. He ended up having [Victim] laying down on a low chair which was almost like a sofa you can put together. He remembers that when Father Dunstan greeted him he gave him a hug. It was a normal hug as a kind of greeting. However, after [Victim] started talking to him Dunstan Moorse gave him a hug that would be more like [Victim] would describe something he would want with a girlfriend.

He ended up having [Victim] kind of laying down on the chair and Dunstan Moorse laid next to [Victim]. Dunstan Moorse’ body was right against [Victim] and [Victim] realized that Dunstan Moorse was taking his hand and placing it towards his genitals. [Victim] reports that he took [Victim’s] hand and had [Victim] put his hand on his own genitals. When Dunstan Moorse did this he had his hand on [Victim’s] hand. As he did that, Dunstan Moorse said this is sexual. [Victim] reacted essentially by saying get me out of here and pushing his arms out and getting up and walking to the door. Then he had to wait for Dunstan Moorse to unlock the door because the door was a key lock. [Victim] gets angry when he talks about this. [Victim] remembers he did tell his roommate who was then his good friend by the name of [Roommate] that something like that had happened.

[Victim] found out that something had happened with a fellow student who was [Victim #2] who was a year older than [Victim]. He had learned that Dunstan Moorse had given him a hickey and he had to wear a turtleneck for a week or two or something like that. He made the excuse at the time that it had been a girlfriend at him but ultimately [Victim #2] acknowledged to [Victim] that Dunstan Moorse had done it to him.

[Victim] reports that [Victim #2] was a year ahead of him so would have graduated in the school year 1985 and did start at St. Johns University but he doesn’t know if he finished there or where he is now. He recalls that [Victim #2] was from the metropolitan area but hasn’t seen him. This is something that upset [Victim] but he didn’t tell anybody else about it. This incidently happened towards the start of the school year 1985.

Towards the end of the school year, it would have been May or so of 1986 during finals he was stressed and he did go to a school counselor at the school by the name of Bernadette Brown and told her what had happened. She gave him the impression she would do something about it but he doesn’t remember what she told him essentially. He never heard from her again. Roughly a week later he went to the head master, Brother Linus and he believes that Brother Linus acknowledge that Bernadette had maybe talked to him but he didn’t acknowledge that verbally, it was just the way he responded. He suggested that something would be done.

He didn’t hear anything back and didn’t hear back from anybody whether or not anything had been done and that summer was concerned and initiated a contact now with the Abbot who is Abbot Jerome Thiesen. That was in the summer of that year and arrangements were made for [Victim] who was then living in the Riverside area to meet Abbot Jerome at St. Mary’s in the cafeteria at St. Mary’s Hospital at Riverside. [Victim] met him there in the cafeteria and the Abbot offered to buy him lunch. The Abbot said that he had removed Dunstan Moorse for bringing a prefect at the beginning of that year based on rumors he had heard. Prefect is like a resident advisor. [Victim] told Abbot Jerome what had happened to him. The Abbot didn’t offer any counseling or any other support.

[Victim] also told him of [Victim #2] and the Abbot said he would look into it further. That is the last he’s talked to the Abbot or anybody else in connection with the school. About two years ago [Victim] went to see a priest of the Newman Center at the University of Minnesota over some concerns he was having and he shared this scenario with that priest who he believes is Father Ryan. He doesn’t know his last name. In any case, Father Ryan referred him to somebody else and he ended up seeing a counselor who was in the Groveland/Loring Park area who’s name he isn’t sure of. It was a man. He ended up seeing this man roughly ten times to talk about some of the issues that he was dealing with and some of his own sexuality issues. He doesn’t remember that man’s name right now. He does know that through the priest at the Newman Center evidently arrangements were made for this counseling to be paid for by St. Johns.

[Victim] felt after going to the counselor for ten or twelve sessions or whatever it was that he didn’t have to go anymore and he discontinued the counseling on his own. Since that time [Victim] has hot been in counseling but this is something that really distresses him when he talks about it and deals with it. Just recently [Victim] was going to do a paper on sexual abuse for a class and they started to talk about it and [Victim] all of a sudden started to think about his own experience and just left and that’s what prompted him recently to call me. He did talk to his mother about this sometime about the same time he talked to Abbot Jerome which would have been in the summer of 1986. His mother’s name is [Victim’s Mom].

[Attorney / Client Info Clipped] [Victim] reports that after he told Bernadette Brown there is a woman by the name of Peg Barron. She is known as “mom” at the school because she runs a snack bar which is located on the fourth floor across from the fish tank. She is well known around there and she is kind of like a confident or a counselor to kids and things like that. One time [Victim] was there and they went back in the kitchen and talked and [Victim] shared with her that Dunstan had either tried or done something and she told [Victim] at that time that she had known this was going on for many years. [Victim] estimates that she’d be in about her forties then and this was just few years ago. [Victim] reports that Peg Baron lives in St. Joseph.

[Contact Information Clipped] Memorandum – 1990

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