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Tarlton Autobiography Excerpt #1

“However, on one occasion I gave a sleeping pill to a student and then masturbated him while he slept.” – Father Allen Tarlton Tarlton’s full autobiography is available as a PDF… Here [Webmaster’s Note: Father Allen Tarlton is one of … Continue reading

Clergy abuse allegation surfaces against ex-St. John’s Prep headmaster

(MPR) A former member of a central Minnesota boys’ choir says a priest at St. John’s Abbey in Collegeville abused him while on a trip to Europe more than two decades ago.

Former Saint John’s Abbot Proved Wrong

In an October, 31, 1992 letter to Rev. Kevin McDonough, Abbot Jerome Theisen from Saint John’s Abbey wrote:

St. John’s Covered Up Abuse by Visiting Monk

Br. Bede Parry from Conception Abbey in Missouri attended the St. John’s University School of Theology between 1979 and 1982. During his second year, Br. Parry pursued a college freshman, twenty years his junior, who was interested in music and … Continue reading

Abbey History Minimizes Abuse

In a new 4,200 word history on the Saint John’s Abbey web site [ View ] , a total of 40 words are spent on the sexual abuse scandal.

Behind Father Kim’s 1984 Exile to Japan (Part Two)

[Webmaster’s Note 1: This is a conclusion of one woman’s account of her interaction with Father Chrysostom Kim, OSB, a monk at Saint John’s Abbey and a former professor at Saint John’s University in Collegeville Minnesota (USA).  Part One is … Continue reading

Behind Father Kim’s 1984 Exile to Japan (Part One)

In 1984, Father Chrysostom Kim, OSB was confronted by a woman who wanted to move on with her life. The sexual relationship between the two had to stop, she told him, because she had met someone her own age and wanted … Continue reading

New sexual abuse lawsuit filed against St. John’s Prep

– New sexual abuse lawsuit filed against St. John’s Prep – Former student claims the School and St. John’s Abbey allowed known offender to mentor and abuse him in 1980’s – Father Gilbert Tarlton had long history of sexual misconduct

Fr. Mel Taylor… Leaving the Bahamas

According to the Saint Cloud Diocese [ View ], Father Mel Taylor is coming home from the Bahamas to become pastor of the Church of Saint John the Baptist, Collegeville.

Bede Parry’s Signed Statement

While attending the School of Theology, I lived with the other monks at Saint John’s. There was an awareness of my misconduct among the other monks. In addition to Fr. Roman Paur and Fr. Finian McDonald, Fr. Rene McGraw also … Continue reading

Abbey’s Motion to Dismiss Denied; Parry Case Moves Forward

On October 21, 2011 a judge in Nodaway County, Missouri dismissed Conception Abbey’s motion to dismiss a lawsuit brought against the Abbey by one of Fr. Bede Parry’s victims. Fr. Parry was a visiting monk at Saint John’s Abbey from … Continue reading

Churches full of sinners, of course

Two sexual molestation lawsuits against yet another Catholic institution surfaced late this summer. Bede Parry was a priest and director for a boys’ choir at Conception Abbey in Conception, Mo., about 17 miles southeast of Maryville. While supervising a boys’ … Continue reading

Second lawsuit filed against Conception Abbey

[Webmaster’s Note: The misconduct in this new lawsuit began in 1982. It should be noted that Bede Parry, the monk named in this lawsuit, engaged in misconduct with a St. John’s student in 1981 [ View ] while attending the … Continue reading

Former leader of boys choir at Missouri abbey admits sexual misconduct

And in 1981, the lawsuit says, Parry had sexual contact with a student at St. John’s in Minnesota. Parry admitted that misconduct to several people, including abbots at Conception and St. John’s, according to the lawsuit. Parry stayed at St. … Continue reading

Missouri abbey faces suit; former St. Cloud bishop accused of abuse cover-up

It also alleges he admitted a relationship with a student in 1981 while he was at St. John’s. Parry admitted the sexual misconduct to Theisen and two other monks at St. John’s, the lawsuit claims. Parry was allowed to remain … Continue reading

Lawsuit alleges abuse of boys by monk at Conception Abbey

Between 1973 and 1979, the lawsuit says, Parry told Hanus that he had been involved in three inappropriate sexual relationships. And in 1981, the lawsuit says, Parry had sexual contact with a student at St. John’s in Minnesota. Parry admitted … Continue reading

Conception, Missouri Abbey Faces Lawsuit

In addition, in 1981, while attending classes at St. John’s School of Theology in Collegeville, Minnesota he had an inappropriate sexual relationship with a student and admitted the sexual misconduct to St. John’s Abbot Jerome Theisen and two other monks … Continue reading

An Update from Abbot John Klassen

[Webmaster’s Note: Abbot John Klassen is deliberately misleading the Saint John’s community with this latest update regarding Abbot Timothy Kelly. ISTI was, and continues to be, a public relations tool created by Saint John’s in the wake of numerous allegations … Continue reading

Onetime priest crusades for abuse victims suing Catholic Church

(CNN) – As a young man studying for the priesthood, Patrick Wall imagined life as a professor and football coach at a Catholic university. It didn’t work out that way. Two decades later, Wall has not only left the Catholic Church, … Continue reading

Abbey Uses Timothy Kelly’s Obituary to Rewrite History

Recent obituaries in the StarTribune [ View ] and on the Abbey web site [ View ] include information (and revisionist history) regarding the abuse scandal at St. John’s. Shame on the Abbey for using Timothy Kelly’s death as a … Continue reading