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Second lawsuit filed against Conception Abbey

[Webmaster’s Note: The misconduct in this new lawsuit began in 1982. It should be noted that Bede Parry, the monk named in this lawsuit, engaged in misconduct with a St. John’s student in 1981 [ View ] while attending the … Continue reading

Male victims of abuse need help, support

Another accusation, another cover-up, another betrayal, another lawsuit — as reported in the June 24 Times, “Former St. Cloud bishop accused of abuse cover-up.” The news details the claimed lack of effective action demonstrated by religious hierarchy who were aware … Continue reading

St. John’s University President Linked to Abbey Coverup

Many of the monks at St. John’s Abbey knew about Br. Parry’s misconduct. On one occasion, Fr. Bob Koopmann made a joke about “blowing a student” that was clearly directed at Br. Parry. –

Visiting Monk: Rev. Michael Brunovsky, OSB

Name: Rev. Michael Brunovsky, OSB Allegation Type: Sexual Misconduct Date: 1990-1991 School Year Location: St. John’s University in Collegeville, MN

Remember Fr. Anthony Smithwick?

Fr. Anthony Smithwick was a visiting priest, originally from Cockfosters Benedictine Monastery in North London. Smithwick is the fourth visiting clergy with allegations of misconduct. According to one visiting monk who was reprimanded for misconduct, “I came to St. John’s … Continue reading

Offending Lay/Visiting Faculty

We have received credible information/allegations about the following lay and visiting faculty members at St. John’s University in Collegeville, Minnesota (USA):

Urgent Announcement to Employees and Students (SJU)

Email from the Office of the President regarding Father Paul A GoPaul

Fr. Anthony Adds British Flavor to Monastery

Every so often in life we are blessed with characters who make part of everyday a bit more interesting. Fr. Anthony Smithwick fits this description perfectly. [Webmasters Note: While at St. John’s, Smithwick allegedly engaged in sexual misconduct with at … Continue reading