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‘Incest’ best describes abuse by those you trust

“I thought of this when I recently learned a victim of sexual predation at St. John’s Preparatory School recently took his life. I thought of this as I reflected on my own experience as a victim of sexual assault while … Continue reading

(SC Times) St. John’s should release all Backous files

The St. Cloud Times reported June 11 that the ex-headmaster of St. John’s Preparatory School was accused of sexual abuse. “The allegations of inappropriate contact by the Rev. Timothy Backous surfaced in a letter sent May 31 by Chris and … Continue reading

Letter: Priests guilty of worst crime never paid for it

In World War II, many of the generals and officers who were in charge of the troops were convicted of war crimes and hung. It seems the Catholic hierarchy have escaped their due process of the law. These were unthinkable … Continue reading

(SC Times) Values ring hollow with no details from school

(SC Times) We’re sorry we kicked you out, but you still can’t come back here for a year.

(SC Times) Your Turn: St. John’s should disclose more

Your Turn author Bonnie Singh helped organized the St. John’s Prep School Class of 1983 reunion held last month at which St. John’s officials had Patrick Marker, an 1983 grad and advocate for sex abuse victims, removed from the campus. … Continue reading

Letter: Prep school’s actions create shame, fear

(SC Times) As a former student of St. John’s Prep School, their actions toward Patrick Marker (“Critic, alumnus of Prep forced to leave reunion,” July 4) make me more embarrassed and ashamed to say I attended Prep from seventh to … Continue reading

OpEd: Catholicism’s Curse

They point out that the church’s response improved over time. That’s true, but what hasn’t changed is the church’s hubris. This hubris abetted the crisis: the particular sway that abusers held over their victims and the special trust they received … Continue reading

Email re Withholding Alumni Donations

Good afternoon, I first came across your site a few years ago and found it extremely disturbing. I had Brother Isaac Connelly as my FR freshman year. Though I never experienced anything with him, I can’t say that I was … Continue reading

Matthew Feeney Slipped Through Their Fingers.

The truth is Stearns County failed our children as well as the child in Massachusetts . Had they done their jobs 20 years ago this man may still be behind bars. At the very least he would still be a … Continue reading

Your Turn: ‘Listening’ fails victims of sex abuse

I am writing in response to the Dec. 13 Times Our View, “Listening sessions give voice to all.” I participated in the listening session on Dec. 4 at Holy Spirit Parish. I was disappointed, shocked and even insulted by the … Continue reading

Our View: Listening sessions give voice to all

[Webmaster’s Note: The diocesan spin (below) on the failed first listening session is amazing. It was such a failure, in fact, that one of the moderators was in tears after the session and had to comforted… by a victim!! She … Continue reading

A Nun Comments on Archbishop Dolan’s Remarks

Well for one thing the bishops of the United States have never really admitted, individually or collectively, to their part in covering up for clergymen known to be sexual predators of children and young people.

Male victims of abuse need help, support

Another accusation, another cover-up, another betrayal, another lawsuit — as reported in the June 24 Times, “Former St. Cloud bishop accused of abuse cover-up.” The news details the claimed lack of effective action demonstrated by religious hierarchy who were aware … Continue reading

Phillips and St. John’s Boys’ Choir

This is absolutely crazy! None of these Priests, Monks, Brothers, Abbots, etc, are ever held accountable. I don’t get it! I saw a Brother (Jim Phillips) in the St. John’s Abbey just the other night attending the St. John’s Boys … Continue reading

Unfair reporting hurts St. John’s

“Hospitality runs rampant within the St. John’s Abbey and, as a music major, this is clear at student recitals, largely attended by the monks in support of the students.”

Monastic Rebuttal

“I know for a fact that many monks felt demonized and ostracized by the Record’s article. That is hardly ethical and it is hardly Benedictine. Let’s live our values, shall we?” – Cody Maynus, SJU sophomore Monastic Rebuttal Dear Editor, … Continue reading

Letter to the Editor

On September 7, 2006 The Record ran an article, “Abuse allegations shake St. John’s Abbey,” which quoted me as saying “extensive research shows more monks will be named and more victims will come forward.” In the same article, Abbot John … Continue reading

Accusations Against Leftist “Monks”

Saint John’s is a place where you can see a performance of the Vagina Monologues, see modernist architecture, watch pagan ceremonies and see conferences promoting vice of every kind. What you’ll be hard pressed to find is Catholicism, because they … Continue reading

An Open Letter from One Catholic Priest…

“Surely, everyone wishes that this crisis would be resolved for the good of all. Unfortunately, however, I find that some people are saying that the victim / survivors should simply forgive and move on with life. Yet such an expectation … Continue reading

Letter to the Winona Daily News (Re Abbot Klassen)

St. John’s Abbot John Klassen promised my family and other survivors as a part of an agreement they would create a model of prevention, healing, reconciliation and an external review process created by and through the survivors’ community. Another empty … Continue reading