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Letter to the Editor re Gagliardi

A recent editorial praising “Teacher and Coach” John Gagliardi (Pioneer Press December 03, 2012) [ View ] made comparisons to the late Joe Paterno. The writer was apparently not aware of several similarities that local media outlets seem unwilling to … Continue reading

Email re Withholding Alumni Donations

Good afternoon, I first came across your site a few years ago and found it extremely disturbing. I had Brother Isaac Connelly as my FR freshman year. Though I never experienced anything with him, I can’t say that I was … Continue reading

Alum: No Support for Saint John’s

We have stopped giving to St. John’s because of the ongoing abuse scandal there. I realize that the administration has claimed that everything has been handled but that is not the case.

SJU Alum: No More Donations

Patrick, as a SJU alum from the 1960s, I commend your difficult but necessary work. The Abbey  is clearly unwilling to  “own” its crimes and shows little regard for those victimized. The abbot is unwilling to to be honest about … Continue reading

Another Alum Questions Support of St. John’s

I am impressed by your dedication to this important but daunting task. What a pity there has been so much dishonesty by the monks.

Alum Withholding Donations Over Abuse Scandal

I have been wanting to write a letter to both SJU and CSB to let them know how I feel; that I intend to withhold any donations; that I will never intend to send my children there, and that I … Continue reading

Nick Coleman dumped by SJU

“As long as St. John’s has this man on the payroll, I will no longer give my money to St. John’s,” Busch wrote. “I will not support lies and false statements and half truths about anyone.” [Webmaster’s Note: This quote … Continue reading

St. John’s bows to pressure and drops Nick Coleman

Brother, I suspect St. John’s University will be able to ride it out, but could a big institution look much worse than it does in Erin Carlyle’s City Pages story? The one about the Collegeville school caving in to conservative … Continue reading