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Gagliardi: Knowledge of Misconduct Since 1950’s

During a two-and-a-half hour visit with two former Johnnie football players on July 23, 2012, Saint John’s University football coach John Gagliardi reportedly admitted that he first became aware of misconduct at Saint John’s in the 1950’s.

Student’s Letter to Abbot John Klassen

There are a number of disturbing claims circulating on the internet and through student gossip about the history and current state of our own institution’s misconduct violations. [Webmaster’s Note: The letter below was sent to Klassen on Thursday, December 1, … Continue reading

A Nun Comments on Archbishop Dolan’s Remarks

Well for one thing the bishops of the United States have never really admitted, individually or collectively, to their part in covering up for clergymen known to be sexual predators of children and young people.

Institutional Accountability for Institutional Predators

In the wake of the scandal at Penn State University, the public dialogue has suggested that Americans are both shocked by the incidents of sexual abuse and appalled by the extensive cover-up perpetrated by top officials at the University. There … Continue reading

John Gagliardi on Penn State Scandal

(Pioneer Press) I don’t even want to think about these poor kids suffering because of this monster. – John Gagliardi

Gagliardi’s Puzzling Response

Saint John’s University football coach John Gagliardi has finally spoken on the record about sexual misconduct. In a Saint Cloud Times article regarding sex abuse at Penn State and Joe Paterno, Gagliardi said, “It’s just hard to believe anything like this … Continue reading

Gagliardi shocked by Penn State scandal

(SC Times) COLLEGEVILLE — Like most in the college football world and beyond, St. John’s coach John Gagliardi has been shocked by the sex-abuse scandal that has rocked head coach Joe Paterno and the Penn State football program.

Remember the Children

(ESPN) This is not about Joe Paterno. If these boys really were molested, groped and raped by a middle-aged ex-Penn State football coach, then whatever misjudgment Paterno made will be a single lit match compared to the bonfire these boys will … Continue reading