Letter: Prep school’s actions create shame, fear


(SC Times) As a former student of St. John’s Prep School, their actions toward Patrick Marker (“Critic, alumnus of Prep forced to leave reunion,” July 4) make me more embarrassed and ashamed to say I attended Prep from seventh to 10th grade.

I am 17 now, and when I talk to other high schoolers about my experiences there, some of their first questions are, “Were you ever molested by a priest?” or, “Tell me about all the sex offenders they have locked up on campus.”

While I was at the school, I loved all my teachers and was never hurt by anyone working there. These comments I hear make me feel sick and sad. I was never aware of any sexual abuse that occurred while I was at Prep, and I hope there never was any. I loved my school greatly.

What I see happening now is an active effort by some staff at St. John’s to hide any information that could keep children and adults alike safe from dangerous people.

I urge St. John’s to review their actions and make information available to everyone who may step foot in Collegeville. They have gone against their core beliefs and have failed to prevent further abuse.

St. John’s was my second home once, but now I and many others feel disappointed, ashamed and afraid. If I learned only one thing at Prep, it was to accept others, and keep them from harm, as Jesus did.

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Letter: Prep school’s actions create shame, fear
July 8, 2013
Saint Cloud Times
Letter to Editor

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