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Catholic Church Sex Abuse Survivors Frustrated By Pope Francis’ US Visit, Lack Of Action

[Marker] pointed to the case of his classmate Ben Spanier, whose parents allege he was abused by the Rev. Thomas Andert at Saint John’s Abbey in the mid-1990s. Pending a separate investigation, the accused priest was put on leave this past … Continue reading

New suits seek information on abusive priests in St. Cloud area

(MPR) St. John’s did not name the other five at that time, and it is not clear if they are among the names on the list released in December. St. John’s officials have declined to explain the discrepancy.

Tevlin: The Catholic Church’s long, weird week

Patrick Marker has run a website dedicated to exposing abusive priests and offering a platform for victims for more than 10 years, so he’s used to getting mail.

Monk, St. John’s Abbey apologize for message prompted by blog post

(SC Times) COLLEGEVILLE — Officials at St. John’s Abbey are doing damage control after one of its monks sent an expletive-ridden anonymous message to a blogger who has chronicled sexual abuse of students by abbey monks.

Releasing names of priests accused of abuse will not end pressure on church

(Star Tribune) The naming Thursday of 32 priests accused of child sex abuse in the St. Paul-Minneapolis archdiocese will not end the pressure on the Catholic Church in Minnesota.

April, 2013 Letter to Abbot John Klassen (re Licari)

Fr. Licari’s dismissal from the board was due to an alleged incident of sexual misconduct. My recollection, from conversations with you and others, was that Fr. Licari was accused of making inappropriate contact with a minor while he served as … Continue reading

Demands grow to see secret list of Minnesota priests accused of abuse

(  Sometimes lists are posted online and then disappear. Such was the case with St. John’s Abbey in Collegeville. In the spring of 2011, the abbey became the first religious order in Minnesota to publicly release a list of monks who … Continue reading

(SC Times) Values ring hollow with no details from school

(SC Times) We’re sorry we kicked you out, but you still can’t come back here for a year.

(SC Times) St. John’s Prep issues apology to Marker

(SC Times) COLLEGEVILLE — St. John’s Preparatory School has apologized to an alumnus who was kicked off campus during a class reunion and his classmates.

(NCR) Lawyer monk a complex behind-the-scenes player

But Ward also has critics. Last fall, four people accused Ward of unwanted sexual advances against them in the 1970s when they were college students at St. John’s University in Collegeville, where Ward taught at the time. 

(Newsleader) Marker Questions “Lies” About His Reunion Expulsion

(St. Joe Newsleader) Although Patrick Marker has received an apology from the headmaster of St. John’s Prep School, he is disgusted the apology did not contain any mention of the “lies” that were told to Marker and others about the … Continue reading

Trespass Notice from Shawn Vierzba

 If you are seen in or around the premises, you will be considered a “trespasser,” and the Stearns County Sheriff’s Office will be called to arrest you. – Shawn Vierzba

SC Times: St. John’s, why ban alumnus Marker now?

(SC Times Editorial) In defining its core values, St. John’s Preparatory School lists “Community” as its first one — followed by these words:

St. John’s Prep alum told to stay away for a year

(SC Times) The St. John’s Prep School alum who was kicked out of a class reunion June 29 on campus has received a letter from the Order of St. Benedict barring him from any of its property for a year.

Critic of St. John’s told to leave school reunion

(SC Times) A St. John’s Prep School alumnus who maintains a website that is critical of St. John’s Abbey and its handling of clergy sex abuse cases was kicked off the Collegeville campus last weekend while he was attending a … Continue reading

(Fox 9 News) Victims’ advocate booted from St. John’s Prep reunion

COLLEGEVILLE, Minn. (KMSP) – It’s the season for class reunions — a time to catch up with old friends and remember nostalgic moments, but one Minnesota man was kicked out by his school after decades of advocacy for child sex abuse … Continue reading

June, 2013 Letter to Licari’s Attorney

Father Jonathan Licari’s personal issues and his involvement in the scandal at Saint John’s Abbey should have excluded him from consideration from the headmaster’s position at Saint John’s Preparatory School. Such an appointment puts the students and the school at … Continue reading

Who is Father Dan Ward?

( Dan Ward is by any measure a complex man. The lawyer-priest righteously helps nuns on property matters and how to deal with a Vatican investigation.

Another Fictitious Restraining Order

On August 7, 2013, an express delivery to Gina Gagliardi-Benson was refused. The letter [ View ] requested that Ms. Gagliardi-Benson provide, by 5pm on August 12, 2013 (today) a copy of the restraining order she claimed was in effect on July 3, … Continue reading

Recent Feedback and Tips

Recently, visitors to the web site have provided information about Fr. Dan Ward, Fr. Othmar Hohmann, Fr. Agustin Cerezo, Br. Bernie Friedl, Fr. Timothy Kelly, Fr. Robert Koopman, Br. Paschal Brisson, Fr. Bruce Wollmering, Fr. Ian Dommer, Fr. Francisco Schulte, … Continue reading