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Rev. Finian McDonald’s Obituary: More Deception

“The walkers that Rev. Finian McDonald “startled” while riding his bike around the Central Minnesota campus had it easy compared to the children and young adults that McDonald sexually assaulted as he taught, perfected, counseled and otherwise pretended to be a man of God — while his brothers and colleagues who … Continue reading

Obituary: Timothy Kelly Remembered

Timothy Kelly’s obituary is available… Here

Abbey Uses Timothy Kelly’s Obituary to Rewrite History

Recent obituaries in the StarTribune [ View ] and on the Abbey web site [ View ] include information (and revisionist history) regarding the abuse scandal at St. John’s. Shame on the Abbey for using Timothy Kelly’s death as a … Continue reading

Abbot Kelly was quiet leader in difficult time

[Abbot Timothy Kelly] is also remembered as a strong leader who helped start the healing process for the community at St. John’s Abbey in Collegeville, Minn., during a troubled time in its history.

Obituary – Father Bruce Wollmering OSB, 1940-2009

Saint John’s Abbey Father Bruce Wollmering OSB 1940-2009

Dahlheimer Obituary

Webmaster’s Note: No mention of abuse in this obituary. There was an interesting statistic however: Over 250 novices and 35% of the current membership of the abbey learned from his words and example.

Aloysius Michels Obituary

Aloysius Reinhart Michels, OSB 1913—2002 At the funeral of Father Aloysius, Prior Raymond Pedrizetti, OSB, reminded the community of the variety of the deceased’s assignments during his over sixty years as a priest.

Obituary: the Rev. Peregrin Berres of St. John’s Abbey

The Rev. Peregrin Jerome Berres was killed in a one-car accident in Maple Grove on Friday evening. He was 68.

Fr. Robert Blumeyer Obituary

Fr. Robert BIumeyer, who entered our community in 1949, died on 5 October. He was ordained to the priesthood in 1956, the centenary year of our early monks’ arrival in Minnesota. Shortly thereafter he was assigned to the parochial ministry, … Continue reading