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Video of Confrontation in the Bahamas

In late December of 2011, [Victim] met with Archbishop Patrick Pinder in the conference room in the chancery at St. Francis Cathedral in Nassau, Bahamas. The meeting was close to an hour in length. [Victim] asked that Pinder bring Father … Continue reading

Colleague Remembers Father Tarlton

Fr. Gilbert Tarlton was the Head of English Department at St. Augustine’s College when the interviewee began teaching at the high school in the spring of 1968.

Video of Fr. Mel Taylor Confrontation

This still frame, from a video taken with a cell phone camera on June 3, 2012, shows a man (at right) using a microphone to address the congregation at Father Mel Taylor’s last mass [ View ] in the Bahamas.

Archbishop Pinder Alerted to Misconduct by Mel Taylor

Like Abbot Timothy Kelly and Abbot John Klassen before him, Archbishop Patrick Pinder (Bahamas) was made aware of Father Mel Taylor’s misconduct. Had Archbishop Pinder acted in the best interests of his church and Mel Taylor’s victim, the incident on … Continue reading

Father Mel Taylor Confronted at Mass, Leaves Bahamas

Father Mel Taylor reportedly left the Bahamas on Monday, June 4, 2012, a day after he was confronted during mass by a man who claimed Father Mel Taylor had pursued him (for a sexual relationship) over a year and a … Continue reading

Monk Offenders in the Bahamas

The following is a list of Saint John’s monks with credible allegations of misconduct who served in the Bahamas.

Fr. Mel Taylor… Leaving the Bahamas

According to the Saint Cloud Diocese [ View ], Father Mel Taylor is coming home from the Bahamas to become pastor of the Church of Saint John the Baptist, Collegeville.

Father Theophile Brown Dies

The monks of Mary Mother of the Church Abbey are mourning the loss of their beloved brother, Fr. Theophile (Waldorf) Brown who passed away the morning of December 24th, 2011.

Onetime priest crusades for abuse victims suing Catholic Church

(CNN) – As a young man studying for the priesthood, Patrick Wall imagined life as a professor and football coach at a Catholic university. It didn’t work out that way. Two decades later, Wall has not only left the Catholic Church, … Continue reading

Timeline & Quotes: Timothy Kelly

April 20, 1934 – Thomas Daniel Kelly born in Milwaukee, WI Grades 1 – 6: Public Schools in Minneapolis, MN Grades 7 & 8: Annunciation Parish School in Minneapolis, MN High School: St. Thomas Military Academy in St. Paul, MN … Continue reading

Obituary: Abbot Timothy Kelly OSB

Abbot Timothy Thomas Kelly OSB, ninth abbot of Saint John’s Abbey for eight years (1992-2000) and president of the American-Cassinese Congregation of Benedictine men for nine years (2001-2010), died at Collegeville, Minnesota.

Policy Not Followed… A Letter to Abbot John Klassen

I am requesting that you immediately notify all potential victims of Fr. Francisco Schulte in Puerto Rico, Minnesota, North Carolina, Rome, Mexico and the Bahamas.

Br. Jim Phillips… Background, History

There are several stories here: 1. In 2002, two former St. John’s Prep School students brought claims of sexual abuse against Br. Phillips. Br. Phillips allegedly fondled both of these victims, and sodomized one of the victims with his thumb. … Continue reading

Coverup Ends… Br. Jim Phillips is “Monk Under Supervision”

After more than eight years of covering up credible allegations of sexual abuse by one of its members, a source at St. John’s Abbey in Collegeville, MN has admitted that Br. Jim Phillips is a “Monk Under Supervision”. Br. Jim … Continue reading

Father Schulte’s Whereabouts Questioned

​St. John’s Abbey has offered a mea culpa of sorts to St. Cloud Times, after erroneously telling the paper in May that Father Raymond Francisco Schulte, the target of a sex abuse lawsuit, was living at the abbey after the … Continue reading

Your turn: Abbey defends its oversight of Schulte

We regret and apologize for the shortcomings of the Abbey’s May 18 statement, which neither reflected changes in the past 30 years nor presented adequately the complexities of The Rev. Francisco Schulte’s situation. Moreover, although Schulte remained a member of … Continue reading

Abbey Issues Apology

St. John’s Abbey on Tuesday issued an apology and said it regretted “shortcomings” in its statement last month about the work history and whereabouts of an abbey monk after the monk was accused of sexual abuse.

Abbey removes statement about monk’s work history

(St. Cloud Times) St. John’s Abbey has removed from its website a statement about the work history of one of its monks accused of sexual abuse after questions were raised about the validity of the information in the statement.

Lawyers say church sent accused monk to The Bahamas

COLLEGEVILLE, Minnesota – St. John’s Abbey publications and newspaper articles from the 1990s on contradict the abbey’s own statement about the whereabouts and work history of the Rev. Francisco Schulte after the abbey received an allegation of sexual misconduct against … Continue reading

Abbey’s reports contradict its claim

“The abbey’s own statements reflect knowledge of Schulte’s misconduct since 1992. The fact that the abbey has failed to reach out to victims of Schulte even while calling on victims of other monks to come forward represents unprecedented deception and … Continue reading