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It Can’t Happen Here

Anyone who was living in the Midwest in the fall of 1989 was familiar with the Jacob Wetterling kidnapping. The story was all over the news. There were newspaper articles, television news stories, posters, billboards, and buttons. Jacob was everywhere, … Continue reading

Regarding The Hunt, Sanner and Wetterling

Patty Wetterling and Stearns County Sheriff John Sanner were featured on CNN’s “The Hunt” on Sunday evening. The show, hosted by John Walsh, featured the Jacob Wetterling story.  [ Link ]

The Paynesville Incidents

From Joy Baker’s Blog: “Just a quick shout-out to let you know that WCCO-TV in Minneapolis will be running a news story on my blog article, “The Paynesville Incidents,” that talks about several stranger assaults on young teenage boys that took … Continue reading

Meet Roger Julkowski

January 3, 2104 Update: One of Roger Julkowski’s former students provided information about Julkowski’s year in Dekalb, Illinois. During the 1971-1972 school year, Julkowski’s landlord reportedly caught Julkowski with a student – and the police caught Julkowski urinating in public. This misconduct … Continue reading

Critics claim St. John’s Abbey still holds secrets (Video)

“He was one of the first people to visit the Wetterling’s home to console the family,” Marker said. “I’m not saying he did it, but I believe a full examination of facts will lead us to Josh [Guimond] and Jacob [Wetterling].”

Leave a porch light on for Jacob Wetterling

The Jacob Wetterling Resource Center is asking residents to leave a porch light on Tuesday in honor of Wetterling, who went missing 24 years ago.

Tupa’s January 20 Bulletin Message

[Webmaster’s Note: The following message from Father Jerome Tupa is located on page 2 of the January 20, 2013 bulletin. The bulletin will be distributed to the parishioners at the Church of St. Joseph in St. Joseph, Minnesota on January … Continue reading

Regarding Father Tupa’s Bulletin Message

In the January 20, 2013 bulletin for the Church of St. Joseph, Father Jerome Tupa attempts to address, as he promised he would last Sunday in mass, the letter that I sent to many of the parishioners (and others) in … Continue reading

Regarding Father Jerome Tupa

How different might Saint John’s had been if monks like Father Jerome Tupa left the monastery to pursue their own selfish pleasures and allowed individuals such as these two men, who were called to monastic life, remain!

Awareness Event on December 16

You are invited to join a group of concerned individuals planning to meet in Saint Joseph before and after the 8am and 10am masses on Dec 16, 2012 to distribute information and discuss the decision by the Saint Cloud Diocese … Continue reading

Matthew Feeney (re Jacob Wetterling)

The night Jacob was taken I was returning from a Youth Group event and dropping off XXXXXX (who lived across from the Wetterlings) so we were by the 7-11 and drove down the Wetterling road within an hour (if not … Continue reading

Dan Carle: Connected to It All

“My parents took Dan Carle’s advice. As a family, we didn’t speak directly about the abuse until I confronted my parents while I was in treatment at the age of seventeen.  On several occasions over the past 30 years, we … Continue reading

One Minnesota County, two missing young men

On Friday morning, Stearns County Sheriff John Sanner prepared for an afternoon meeting with Patty and Jerry Wetterling, whose son Jacob was abducted 22 years ago Saturday.

Updated: Speculating on the Death of Fr. Bruce Wollmering

“One of our monks ah passed away. He fell or we believe he fell but ah there’s some trauma.” – Shawn Vierzba from St. John’s Life Safety reports the death of Father Bruce Wollmering to the Stearns County Sheriff on … Continue reading


If you have a theory… or a tip involving misconduct at St. John’s or related to the disappearances of Jacob Wetterling or Joshua Guimond, please call law enforcement or leave a message here.

Search for Jacob finds only pain

“If the individual responsible for this crime thinks they can breathe easier, that’s a huge mistake.” (StarTribune) ST. JOSEPH, MINN. – Twenty-one years. And still no answer to the urgent question: What happened to Jacob? In the three months since … Continue reading

Parents Meet About Wetterling Person of Interest

(FOX 9) ST. JOSEPH, Minn. – Parents in Cold Spring met about the man who is considered a ‘person of interest’ in the disappearance case of Jacob Wetterling. He was announced as the new music teacher at a St. Boniface … Continue reading

Coverup Ends… Br. Jim Phillips is “Monk Under Supervision”

After more than eight years of covering up credible allegations of sexual abuse by one of its members, a source at St. John’s Abbey in Collegeville, MN has admitted that Br. Jim Phillips is a “Monk Under Supervision”. Br. Jim … Continue reading

Another Pedophile on Facebook

Br. Isaac Connolly [ Link ] took his down. Fr. Finian McDonald [ Link ] did the same. Now Fr. Brennan Maiers is taking a shot.

Caught in a Coverup

On October 2, 2002 the St. Cloud Times reported that a settlement agreement between St. John’s and several victims had been reached. Three days later, and one month before Joshua Guimond disappeared, another article appeared in the St. Cloud Times.