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In the January 20, 2013 bulletin for the Church of St. Joseph, Father Jerome Tupa attempts to address, as he promised he would last Sunday in mass, the letter that I sent to many of the parishioners (and others) in and around St. Joseph on January 7, 2013. Father Tupa’s message is inaccurate and irresponsible. At least he is consistent.

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Upon Further Review…

In his bulletin message, Father Tupa writes that Saint John’s tried to engage me in helping other victims. This is false. In 2002, I was asked to serve on the Abbey’s External Review Board as the result of a settlement between the Abbey and many victims. The Abbey did not initiate my participation. I resigned from the review board in 2006, when Abbot John Klassen refused to release the names of two monk perpetrators (Father Bruce Wollmering and Father Michael Bik) to the public.

In his bulletin message, Father Tupa writes that in the January 7 letter, his name was linked to Jacob Wetterling and Josh Guimond. This is false. A reference is made to Abbot Klassen’s concern that, “one of the offenders might be linked to the disappearance of Joshua Guimond, just as monks had been considered in the 1989 disappearance of Jacob Wetterling.” Abbot Klassen was concerned that Bruce Wollmering’s name would be linked to Joshua Guimond. Father Tom Gillespie, among others, was considered in the disappearance of Jacob Wetterling.

In his bulletin message, Father Tupa shares his whereabouts on the night of the Jacob Wetterling abduction. Suggesting that the January 7 letter required a response to such an outrageous allegation (Tupa’s involvement) is nothing more than a red herring.

In his bulletin message, Father Tupa writes that, “While I was on campus when Josh Guimond disappeared, I did not personally know him.”  Remember, the January 7 letter never linked Father Tupa to Joshua’s disappearance. Tupa does that, however, in his bulletin response.  Tupa admission that he was on campus when Joshua disappeared certainly doesn’t rule him out as a suspect. Also, whether or not Tupa “personally knew” Joshua is irrelevant to Joshua’s disappearance. Joshua was a junior at Saint John’s at the time of his disappearance. Father Tupa was reportedly one of Joshua Guimond’s resident advisors. Joshua was outspoken, involved and by some accounts, a leader. Tupa’s statement simply begs the question, “What does ‘personally know’ mean?”

In his bulletin message, Father Tupa writes that, “We have taken appropriate actions to sanction those who have abused and to assure that they will not be able to do so again.” It is irresponsible, to provide assurance that a sexual predator will not strike again. There are at least ten known predators at Saint John’s right now. It is by luck alone that none of these men has been caught reoffending on campus or on their many unsupervised travels.

In his bulletin message, Father Tupa writes that I have dedicated myself to, “raising doubts and undermining the integrity of Abbey members, including those who are innocent of these horrendous actions.” This is false. The Abbey has admitted to being the home to twenty-three men with credible claims of sexual misconduct — but they will not share the names of five of those perpetrators. They abbey refuses to release the names of Father Dan Ward and Father Othmar Hohmann. Any doubts raised have come from the actions of the Abbey and its individual predator monks.

My dedication, and this web site, serve to validate the stories of victims of misconduct. How many victims? Between them, Father Dunstan Moorse and Father Francisco have almost thirty alleged victims… so far. The Abbey has admitted to twenty-three monk offenders.  Simple math puts the number of victims at 345. When the abbey discloses the names of Father Ward and Father Hohmann, the estimated number will be 375. It is likely much higher, given Father Eckroth’s reign of terror at the cabins.

This web site, and my efforts, also serve as a tool in the restoration of the integrity of the Saint John’s community. Despite years of awareness, the process has only started. It will be a painful process. There will be much opposition and much blame. Some of that blame and frustration will be directed at the messenger.

In the end, I believe the truth will prevail.

False prophets like Father Tupa will not.

Patrick J Marker


January 7, 2013 “St. Joseph Letter”… Here

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