Video: Father Tupa Addresses Marker’s Letter to Parishioners


During the 10am mass on Sunday, January 13, 2013, Father Jerome Tupa addressed a letter sent to residents in and around St. Joseph, Minnesota. The letter discussed, among other things, recent allegations of sexual misconduct against Father Othmar Hohmann and Father Dan Ward. The letter did list the names of eighteen monks credibly accused of sexual misconduct, as named by Saint John’s in 2011. The letter did not include, however, the names of five additional credibly accused monks, revealed by Saint John’s in 2012, because Saint John’s will not make these names public.

Father Tupa’s January 13, 2013 Message:

I want to begin by addressing a letter that many of you received this, uh, past week from a Mr. Marker. I want you to know that there are things in there that are, are, uh, known and did take place, however, the majority of the letter is filled with innuendo and simply libelous puff. I am going to address this in the, more completely in the next bulletin. Now then, let’s get on to the real business at hand. The real business, of course is baptism!

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