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A Victim Shares…

Fr. Othmar Hohmann… 3rd Victim Comes Forward

A third victim of Fr. Othmar Hohmann called this afternoon to share her story of sexual misconduct by the Saint John’s Abbey monk.

St. Cloud Times… Top Stories of 2010

An article about St. John’s Abbey that appeared in the June 9 edition of the St. Cloud Times is up for consideration as one of the top stories of 2010.

Unspeakable Damage

Mickey Morey an Oregon lawyer who has litigated many priest sex abuse cases across the country introduced me to SAD TRIPS—an acronym that refers to long-term consequences of sexual abuse of minors. He does not remember who devised it and … Continue reading

Fr. Othmar Hohmann… 2nd Victim Comes Forward

This morning we were contacted by a second victim of Fr. Othmar Hohmann.

Vatican Toughens Rules On Sexual Abuse Of Children

They also specify that priests who acquire, possess or distribute child pornography will be considered to have committed a serious offence subject to the same disciplinary action as abusers. VATICAN CITY (Reuters) – The Vatican on Thursday made sweeping revisions … Continue reading

Another Pedophile on Facebook

Br. Isaac Connolly [ Link ] took his down. Fr. Finian McDonald [ Link ] did the same. Now Fr. Brennan Maiers is taking a shot.

St. John’s Removes Deceptive Statement from its Web Site

Two weeks after knowingly posting false information about Fr. Francisco Schulte on its web site, St. John’s Abbey has taken it down.

Press Conference Scheduled

Announcement of a lawsuit to be filed on Tuesday in Ramsey County District Court against Collegeville, Minnesota-based St. John’s Preparatory School, St, John’s Abbey, the Order of St. Benedict and Father Raymond Francisco Schulte, a minister at the school. The … Continue reading




POR QUE: Ess el anuncio de una demanda por radicarse el martes en el juzgado del Distrito del Condado Ramsey contra St. John’s Preparatory School en Collegeville, Minnesota, la St. John’s Abbey, la Order of St. Benedict y el padre … Continue reading


Some pedophiles limit their behaviors to exposing themselves or masturbating in front of the child, or fondling or undressing the child, but without genital contact. Others, however, compel the child to participate in oral sex or full genital intercourse.

Cloistered Passions (Observations from 1980)

“The monastic community [in Collegeville] no doubt includes some heterosexual men, along with a great many who must be more or less uneasy about their powerful attraction to other monks or to the boys who surround them at the prep … Continue reading