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A little about the history… [in the Bahamas]

[Webmaster’s Note: The following text is from the Benedictine Volunteers Bahamas web site [ View ]. Father Mel Taylor left the Bahamas after being confronted at a Nassau church on June 3, 2012 [ View ] after Archbishop Patrick Pinder … Continue reading

Video of Confrontation in the Bahamas

In late December of 2011, [Victim] met with Archbishop Patrick Pinder in the conference room in the chancery at St. Francis Cathedral in Nassau, Bahamas. The meeting was close to an hour in length. [Victim] asked that Pinder bring Father … Continue reading

Video of Fr. Mel Taylor Confrontation

This still frame, from a video taken with a cell phone camera on June 3, 2012, shows a man (at right) using a microphone to address the congregation at Father Mel Taylor’s last mass [ View ] in the Bahamas.

Archbishop Pinder Alerted to Misconduct by Mel Taylor

Like Abbot Timothy Kelly and Abbot John Klassen before him, Archbishop Patrick Pinder (Bahamas) was made aware of Father Mel Taylor’s misconduct. Had Archbishop Pinder acted in the best interests of his church and Mel Taylor’s victim, the incident on … Continue reading

Archdiocese Launches Program To Protect The Abused

Pinder said it is unfortunate that there are some members of the Order of St. Benedict against whom allegations of sexual abuse have risen. [Webmaster’s Note: Those “members” include Father Mel Taylor, who reportedly left the Bahamas on June 4, … Continue reading