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Marker’s Letter to St. John’s (w/ Transcripts)

Mr. Hemesath and Abbot Klassen, This purpose of this letter is to make you aware of the false information that Saint John’s personnel provided to the Stearns County Sheriff Department on June 29, 2013. I share this information after reviewing … Continue reading

Monk Offenders in the Bahamas

The following is a list of Saint John’s monks with credible allegations of misconduct who served in the Bahamas.

The Abbey’s Kool-Aid

According to a July 8, 2011 article in the St. Cloud Visitor, Brother Eric Pohlman, a 29-year-old junior monk at the abbey… 1. … felt called to Benedictine living and sought out St. John’s 2. … because it was a … Continue reading

Br. Paul Richards Removed

Abbot John Klassen has removed Br. Paul Richards as director of formation at Saint John’s Abbey. The removal may have occurred on October 8, 2011. According to the abbey’s web site, Br. Richards no longer serves as spokesperson for the Benedictine abbey. … Continue reading

Former fire-eating circus performer finds new calling as St. John’s monk

COLLEGEVILLE — A fire-eating monk isn’t something visitors to St. John’s University see every day. After all, not many monks have a circus background.

St. John’s Abbey vocations increasing; 13 men in formation

Brother Eric Pohlman, a 29-year-old junior monk at the abbey, first heard about St. John’s through seeing the abbey church in a book about architecture. A native of Delphos, Ohio, he felt called to Benedictine living and sought out St. … Continue reading

Letter to Br. Paul-Vincent Niebauer

“I sometimes feel that the abbey has used us who were notorious offenders as scapegoats for the sexual dysfunction that was more widespread in the community. I am willing to take responsibility for my actions but I am not the entire cause of … Continue reading

Monastery technology spikes novice interest

“The first thing I tell the men coming in is the information about the past cases,” Niebauer said. “I don’t want them to be blind-sided or to present something that is other than what it is. They appreciate that, and … Continue reading

Abbey Monks on the Web

The following monks from St. John’s Abbey have web sites: Fr. Tom Andert Fr. Timothy Backous Br. Dennis Beach Fr. Nickolas Becker Br. Isaac Connolly

Force of Habit

The bells have been ringing for thirty minutes, but it is the sound of a cane rattling through the empty, cavernous church that suggests prayer. It is held by an old man, his stooped body covered in the flowing black … Continue reading

Monks suffer with abusers in the family

The shame, anger and soul-searching that have gripped much of the U.S. Catholic church in the wake of an avalanche of sex abuse scandals this year have been felt acutely by the band of Benedictines who comprise the monastic community … Continue reading

Scandal at the Abbey – Part 1

Its reputation for learning and liturgy, publishing and holiness, ecumenism and even bread-making are legendary and have grown over its 146-year existence, making St. John’s Abbey here — with its impressive abbey church and signature bell tower — a jewel … Continue reading