Apology from Fr. Fran Hoefgen, O.S.B


“For one child to ever suffer – that is the most horrible thing I can think of.” – Ray Vogel, who says three of his four sons were abused by priests from St. John’s Abbey.

On Friday, the abbey released an apology from one of the monks on restriction. The apology is printed in its entirety:

    I express my personal apology for the incredible pain I have caused so many by my actions in the past. I apologize both to my victim and all in the Church whose faith I have shaken. Absolutely every day I feel profound anguish and sorrow and it weighs heavily on me. I can only turn to my God for healing and forgiveness for me and for those I have harmed in any way as a minister in the Church and as a friend. Every day I bring this to prayer as I grow in my awareness of the damage this has caused. I humbly ask for forgiveness and prayers from my victim, from all connected with Saint John’s, from those I served in parish ministry, my fellow monks, and personal friends.

    — Fr. Fran Hoefgen, O.S.B. – September 27, 2002
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