Archdiocesan List… Omission #1 (Gillespie)


Rev. Thomas Gillespie’s name does not appear on the recently released archdiocesan list [ View ].

Rev. Thomas Gillespie’s biography (circa 2004) provides evidence of his offense against a minor which serving in the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis [ View ].

Gillespie clearly, and admittedly, offended against a minor while in the Cities.

In other documents, Gillespie allegedly admitted to:

– Masturbating with another priest (1976)
– Molesting a 14 year old boy (1977) (Believed settled in 1997)
– Masturbating a 14 year old (1978)
– Hands in 13 year old’s pants (1978)
– One year relationship with 15 year old (approx 1979)
– Hands down pants of 10 year old while wrestling (1987)

Gillespie also allegedly wrote:

“I pray for those I have injured through my addiction. I feel that I
am making amends to them by living a good life and sticking to my new
way of life. Some of them might not even be aware that I abused them.”

Gillespie was the priest in St. Joseph in 1989 when Jacob Wetterling disappeared. Gillespie consoled the Wetterling family, according to a book (Page 55 of “Rooted in Christ”) about the history of St. Joseph:

“Father Tom met with the Wetterling family many times.”

It is worth noting that Gillespie admitted to molesting a 10 year old in 1987. See above. Jacob was 10 years old in 1987.

Father Dan Ward and other officials at Saint John’s Abbey were very secretive [ View ] regarding Father Gillespie’s exit from St. Joseph.

Not understanding the truth at the time, Father Gillespie’s departure brought sympathy from some members of the St. Joseph community (Page 56 of “Rooted in Christ”):

“Perhaps he couldn’t deal with another tragedy, folks thought-but they didn’t know.”

The Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis must release the names of all known perpetrators.

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