Father Finian McDonald… At Least Nine Victims


At least six people, including at least a minor at the time, have alleged sexual misconduct by Father Finian McDonald, a monk at Saint John’s Abbey in Collegeville, Minnesota (USA). At least three other individuals have accused Father Finian McDonald of sexual harassment dating back to the mid-1960s.

Of the six alleged victims of sexual misconduct, five were abused by another monk at Saint John’s. In three instances, that other monk was Father Bruce Wollmering. In all, six monks have victims in common with another monk or lay faculty member.

Father Finian McDonald was treated for alcohol abuse in 1981, after which he took a year long sabbatical in Japan and Israel.

Father Finian McDonald was sent to St. Luke’s Institute for six months in 1992 and has admitted to misconduct with at least one individual.

In 2006, Abbot John Klassen claimed that Father Finian McDonald was not allowed in the dining room, resident halls or athletic facilities without an escort. Father McDonald is reportedly a regular visitor to Byerly’s and the Goodwill store in the Saint Cloud area.

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