Michael Bik’s Mother Dies


“My dear friends, far and near…. It is with a heavy heart that I must inform you of the death of my Mom in her sleep during last evening (April 2nd). As most of you know she had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease for the past 5 years, though in the fall she was re-diagnosed with something called Lewey Body dementia, a blend of Parkinson’s and Alzeheimer’s.

She and dad have been living with my brother and his wife in southern Illinois since that time. I was just down to see her for her 85th birthday in January. This was quite unexpected. She had, according to my brother, a very good Sunday, but when dad went to wake her, she didn’t respond. She was taken to the hospital, but…she had decided to celebrate Easter with the Risen Lord along with my baby brother who died 47 years ago, and the other 8 children that were miscarriages. I once told her that they’d be waiting for her. It looks like the funeral will be this Friday (April 7th) down in Lisle, IL.

I would ask you to please keep my dad, my brother and myself in your prayers. While in my head I know it is a blessing and that her suffering is at an end, my heart knows otherwise.

Thank you! ~Michael”

Michael Bik’s Mother Dies

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