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Fr. Tom Andert, OSB, unless I’m very much mistaken, was part and parcel of the sexual underground at the Prep School during the ~1980 time frame. While I have no specific allegations of sexual abuse against him, nor do I know of any, he was very good friends and daily colleagues of Br. Jim Phillips and Father Alan Tarleton during the relevant time periods. I would be VERY much surprised to learn he did not know of the sexual shenanigans doing on in the boys’ dorm and elsewhere.

Moreover, for my senior year at SJP, I was a student in Melk, Austria through the Prep School’s exchange program. During the Christmas holiday, Father Andert visited Melk from St. John’s and spent time drinking and running around and “supervising” the program. At this time, I attended a ballet in Vienna with Father Tom and other students. I was seated during the performance next to Father Tom. At one point during the production, he leaned over to me and coo’ed in a whisper, “Oooo, look at their legs and how tight their pants are. It’s so beautiful!” I still remember the remark … I was mortified.

[Note: These are two paragraphs from a recent email from a former student at St. John’s Preparatory School in Collegeville, MN. He gave permission for the text to be posted to the web site.]
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