Sister Irene Nowell and Abbot John Klassen to Speak

[Webmaster’s Note: Abbot John Klassen and Sister Irene Nowell graduated from The Catholic University of America (Washington, DC) in 1983]

Coming Events / Opportunities (Oblate Institute)

The Sophia Spirituality Center at Mount St. Scholastica in Atchison, KS, is offering a monastic institute specifically for oblates. Entitled “The Meaning of Oblation: Living The Benedictine Spirit as an Oblate,” it will be an opportunity for oblates from throughout the country to gather in dialogue and learning. Speakers will be Abbot John Klassen, OSB (Saint John’s Abbey, Collegeville) on “The Meaning of Oblation” and Sister Mary Irene Nowell, OSB (Mount St. Scholastica, Atchison) on “The Psalms in our Daily Lives.” There will also be presentations by oblates and many opportunities for networking with other oblates from other monasteries. This is the first offering of its kind directed towards oblates themselves. Although monastic men and women who direct oblates are welcome to attend, this workshop is primarily for the interests and benefit of the oblates.

The American Monastic Newsletter
Volume 38, NR 1a, February 2008

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