SJU Mentor Accused of Sexual Misconduct


Michael W. Weber (SJU ’66) has been mentoring Saint John’s University students as part of the Donald McNeely Center for Entrepreneurship despite Abbot John Klassen’s and Saint John’s University’s knowledge of allegations of sexual misconduct.

In 2009, a representative with the St. Cloud Diocese reportedly contacted both Abbot John Klassen and the St. John’s Abbey External Review Board by letter, and then had phone conversations with Abbot Klassen and the Saint John’s University records department regarding Michael W. Weber, a 1966 graduate of Saint John’s University and former School of Theology student.

Two police reports were recently filed regarding misconduct by Michael Weber. In 2009, the Saint Cloud Police Department was contacted regarding alleged misconduct by Weber. Approximately 10 years ago, one of Weber’s victims reported misconduct by Weber to the St. Cloud Diocese.

If you were a victim of misconduct by Weber or anyone else, please consider contacting law enforcement, a therapist or an attorney. If you have a tip regarding misconduct at Saint John’s or have a question about this web site, click Here.

[Updated: At the 4pm mass at Holy Spirit Church in St. Cloud, Fr. Knoblauch announced that there would be a listening session regarding Michael Weber’s misconduct. The listening session is scheduled for 4pm on December 4, 2011.] [Update: St. Cloud Times Article… Here] [Update: On Saturday, Saint John’s removed Weber from its Web Site… Here ] [Update: Weber’s Background and Timeline… Here] [Update: Weber’s Victims to Meet… Here]
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