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Women accuse St. John’s Abbey priest of abuse

They were supposed to be joyous getaways with a priest well known by their families, a man who loved the outdoors and enjoyed taking groups of six or seven children on weekend outings in the 1970s.

Details still eerie 28 years after girls were slain

Mary Reker’s last diary entry is just as chilling today as when it was discovered 28 years ago, shortly after the 15-year-old St. Cloud girl and her younger sister, Susanne, were stabbed to death.

St. John’s Abbey to Give Information

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) _ Investigators looking into the unsolved 1974 killings of two girls have asked St. John’s Abbey for information on several monks and priests accused of sexual abuse.

Priest is among suspects in ’74 deaths

ST. CLOUD, MINN. — A Benedictine priest suspected of sexually abusing young people as far back as the 1960s has re-emerged as a possible suspect in the 1974 slayings of two girls in the St. Cloud area.

Abbot to Give Sheriff List

COLLEGEVILLE – Stearns County Sheriff Jim Kostreba has asked St. John’s Abbot John Klassen to list the whereabouts from 1970 to 1990 of 13 Benedictine monks and priests accused of sexual misdeeds.

Abbot opens monastery records on monk abuse

[Webmaster’s note: Klassen was not being truthful when he said for this article that 13 to 15 monks at the monastery have been accused of sexual abuse in cases dating from the 1960s to early ’80s. The Abbot also said … Continue reading

Accused clergy remain at St. John’s Abbey

COLLEGEVILLE, Minn. — Thirteen to 15 monks or priests live and work under restrictions at St. John’s Abbey after being accused of or admitting to sexual abuse, the abbot for the monastery said.

Abuse in the Abbey Shocks Community

The revelation that a former St. John’s abbot committed sexual abuse in the 1970s rocked the local community this week and left the monastery in a state of shock.

Former Abbot Abused 2 Monks

The Rev. John Eidenschink, former St. John’s abbot, has admitted that he sexually abused two abbey monks, one before he was elected abbot in 1971 and another during his eight-year tenure, current Abbot John Klassen said Friday.

Honesty, reconciliation needed from ISTI

The program, “Confession of Sins” aired on Channel 5 on November 10, 2000. A reply was already in print for The Record, quoting Fr. Daniel Durken, by the November 16th issue. How could he have researched it adequately in that … Continue reading

Four Saint John’s Monks Move to Bahamas

Four members of the Saint John’s monastic and academic communities have begun assignments at Saint Augustine’s Monastery, Nassau, Bahamas, this summer — namely, Frs. Dan Ward, Richard Eckroth, Antony Hellenberg and Francisco Schulte.

Bahamian Burial Society: ‘lmportant Feature’

Every two months from one of the out islands of the Bahamas comes a letter from Fr. Richard Eckroth, the collection of which will eventually form a significant body of information for the island historian. In mid October the letter … Continue reading