1982 Father Allan Tarlton Abuse Incident


I attended classes at St. John’s Preparatory School, Collegeville, Minnesota, from September 1981 to May 1983, eventually receiving my diploma in May 1983. I took a literary analysis/writing course (the exact name of the course, I do not recall) taught by Father Allan Tarlton.

We would often meet after class and in this manner I grew to know Father Allen, sharing feelings and experiences; often our conversations would often include topics of men engaging in homosexual sex. Father Allan and I did engage in sex on two occasions (the second of these two occasions, I do not remember details from, so I feel it would be unreliable to comment on what occurred).

I recall one particular evening in October or November 1982; Father Allan and I sat in his office in the Prep School, located on the first floor of the Prep School Building conversing when he asked if he could see me naked, and I replied yes. He then proceeded to fondle me, caress my body and then performed oral sex on me. He remained clothed throughout the entire experience. He then rimmed (kissing and licking of the anus) me. I recall masturbating and ejaculating at this time. I believe I got up and left soon after. Father Allan seemed upset and distant towards me from that time forward.

Because I was a victim of childhood sexual abuse, I did not think what took place between Father Allan and I at that time was unusual, however, I feel now that he acted inappropriately and outside the realm of teacher-student relationships. Only after recovery, did 1 realize this was not appropriate in the prep school environment. I can only offer my side of the situation eleven years later, and assist others in feeling and perhaps preventing this situation from recurring.

Signed and dated August 26, 1992.

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