Delayed Public Disclosure


The following is an excerpt from an updated page on this web site. The page, originally posted on March 26, 2011, was recently modified to include excerpts (below) from a memo written by Abbot John Klassen and minutes from the External Review Board.

From Misconduct, Deception and a Missing Student:

Delayed Public Disclosure

By 2006, the leadership at St. John’s University (Reinhart) and St. John’s Abbey (Klassen) had yet to make Wollmering’s name, or any of his misconduct or crimes, public.

Internally, reasons for keeping Wollmering’s name from the public were being discussed.

In February of 2006, a paranoid Abbot John Klassen worried that claims against Wollmering, combined with Professor Immelman’s profile, could tie Wollmering to the disappearance of Joshua Guimond:

If the harassment charge against Bruce Wollmering becomes public, it will be perfect fuel for this faculty member to work full force against Bruce and ultimately against the monastic community. It will be difficult for me to lead in this environment.  – February 17, 2006 Memo from John Klassen

In April of 2006, Abbot John Klassen provided three more:

“The Abbot reported that there were many hurdles regarding this issue, including a capital campaign, recruitment issues and access to the database.” – April 21, 2006 Review Board Minutes

Read Misconduct, Deception and a Missing Student

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