Abbot John Klassen: Burden is on the Victims


Many victims of sexual abuse will not use or permit the use of the word forgiveness. We know that if victims of any great harm are to come to some peace with it, they need to take the steps to forgiveness.
– Abbot John Klassen, 2010

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Webmaster’s Note: Shame on the Abbot for placing the burden of forgiveness on the victims. The nine victims of Father Francisco Schulte, for example, would be much closer to forgiveness had Schulte, Abbot John Klassen and every member of the Abbey who had knowledge of Schulte’s abuse not conspired to keep it a secret. The Abbot had multiple opportunities to disclose Schulte’s misconduct. Instead of acting in the best interests of victims (each thinking they were the only one) the Abbey allowed their shame, secrecy, and pain to build, devastating many lives and relationships. What has the Abbey done? They put out a Statement full of lies, period. Does the Abbot truly believe that a single, selfish, deceptive act warrants the forgiveness of Schulte’s victims? As of today, no announcement regarding Fr. Francisco Schulte has been made to the alumni of St. John’s Preparatory School (Collegeville, MN) or Colegio San Antonio Abad (Humacao, Puerto Rico).

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