More Misconduct From Fr. Dan Ward


Fr. Dan Ward believed that a well-rounded and mature monastic needed to have an open-minded view of sexuality. The conversation started to become more physical as he began to be aroused by the topic.

I rejected his advances and strong sexual initiatives.

I immediately left his room and went and got sick.

The next morning I went to see XXXXXX and told him of the incident. His response simply was to get over it that Father Ward has great power … and if I wish to continue being a monastic I would just have to accept his behavior.

I spoke to XXXXXX privately about the encounter. He told me it was a confessional issue and I needed to grow up and deal with my sexuality.

[Webmaster’s Note: This is an excerpt from the fourth statement received from a victim of Dan Ward’s misconduct. Excerpts from the first three statements are available here.]


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