Statement from Klassen re Backous


Statement from Abbot John Klassen, 10 June 2014:

I am certain that the pain the [redacted] family has expressed is sincere, and I am sympathetic to what they describe they have been through.

I have known Father Tim Backous for many years, worked side-by-side with him, and observed his many, many interactions with children and young people. I have also reviewed the reports from nearly 25 years ago when the allegations of inappropriate conduct against Father Backous were first presented. The allegations were not substantiated. Father Backous has no restrictions placed upon him. I have absolute confidence in his integrity and character.

We have publicly acknowledged those members of our monastic community against whom there are credible allegations, and we have reached out to victims to accept responsibility.

We will continue to do so. But we also hope that those who are innocent will not have to live under clouds of doubt because of the actions of others.

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