Former Student #4 Remembers Father Dan Ward


Three excerpts from a statement signed and notarized on November 10, 2012:

“One night as I prepared to leave after a long night of studying and tutoring from Fr. Dan, I got up to go and was putting on my coat when I was spun around. Fr. Dan grabbed the lapels of my coat and before I knew it he was kissing me forcefully on the mouth, well it was really kissing as much as it felt like a declaration of war, like I had been branded by him, that I was his and no-one else’s. It was clear to me that he had an erection and he made no effort to hide this fact as he rubbed it against me. He was as excited as I was horrified. I left without my books and tore off down the hall half-expecting him to run after me. The next class, he brought my books and gave them back to me. It seemed like he was smiling a new grin as he did it.”

“The thing was, Fr. Dan is a monster. He was like an abusive ex-boyfriend who never took “no” for an answer and the more you pulled away from him the more crazy he became.  When I started pulling away from him, and stopped dropping by his room so much, then that’s where he started acting more crazy to me. The late night phone calls started, threatening phone calls telling me I had to drop some classes to take others that he taught instead.”

“One JTerm, my friend XXXXX and I took Fr. Dan’s Mock Trial class. At the end of the term, XXXXX said she didn’t want to go to a competition in Iowa, and I didn’t want to either. So, we both told Fr. Dan our decision. Before I got back from dinner my phone was ringing off the hook. It was Fr. Dan telling me that I had better go to Iowa with him and the group. If I didn’t go with him, he said, he would give my friend XXXXX and I an “F” for the class. I never told XXXXX, I just went to Iowa.”

Student #4
Notarized Statement
November 10, 2012

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