The Evidence against Father Dan Ward


In a July 31, 2013 article in the National Catholic Register [ View ], Saint John’s Abbey claims that, “The website operator [Marker] has engaged in a campaign to condemn Father Daniel to his colleagues and the public without any evidence.”

Here’s the evidence:  PDF #1    PDF #2    PDF #3   Excerpt #1

Saint John’s officials also claim that, “There is no known investigation of Father Daniel being conducted by any law enforcement, public agency or ecclesiastical body.”

Compare that statement to the one made by Brother Aelred Senna to Fox 9 in October of 2012 [ View ]:

“I am able to say that Saint John’s Abbey is cooperating fully with authorities in these investigations [of Ward and Taylor]. In light of that fact, and out of respect for all concerned, it would be inappropriate for me to make any further comment.”

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