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Steps Toward Becoming a Monk

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Administrative History – Saint John’s Abbey

The Abbots of Saint John’s Abbey 1. Abbot Rupert Seidenbusch, OSB; December 12, 1866 – February 12, 1875 2. Abbot Alexius Edelbrock, OSB; June 2, 1875 – November 27, 1889 3. Abbot Bernard Locnikar, OSB; May 7, 1890 – November … Continue reading

The “Pedophile’s Paradise”

Wall’s first call as a sex-abuse fixer knocked on his door one morning in 1991, while he was brushing his teeth. [Pat] Wall was not yet a priest, just a monk studying at St. John’s University in Minnesota. The abbot … Continue reading

Letter to the editor

Having moved to “the country” a few years ago, I look forward to your Sunday paper for a good read. Sept. 29 was an exception.

Remarks by President Br. Dietrich Reinhart, OSB

There is news today that Saint John’s Abbey has settled all of the cases of sexual abuse brought forward by attorney Jeffrey Anderson. Abbot John intends to make full announcement early next week in a joint press conference with Jeffrey … Continue reading

Letter to the editor: Still fond of the abbey

It is a sad realization for me to learn that 13 monks of St. John’s Abbey have been guilty of sexual abuse of one kind or another.

Statement from Saint John’s Abbey on Compliance with the U.S. Bishops

Monks “on restriction” have no pastoral or teaching responsibilities, nor do they have unsupervised social contact with students or other young persons. They are not allowed to work in the Preparatory School or University, to use most campus academic, athletic … Continue reading

A Letter from the President of Saint John’s University

The occurrence of sexual abuse is devastating to the victims and a grievous wound to communities of faith. Recent media coverage in Minnesota of allegations against some members of the monastery prior to 1990 are deeply disturbing. We can lament … Continue reading

A Letter from the President of Saint John’s Preparatory School

For several months beginning early in 2002, Saint John’s and the greater Catholic Church have been in the media spotlight because of allegations of sexual abuse. I want to take this opportunity to speak to the facts and how they … Continue reading

Responding in a Time of Crisis: Issues of Concern

[ Date Unknown] Responding in a Time of Crisis Issues of Concern Abbey Information

Clergy Sexual Abuse and Leadership

In thinking about the scandal of sexual abuse by clergy, our primary consideration must always be the victims. As much as we might have heard this, it cannot be repeated too often. In part because it is so hard to … Continue reading

Abuse Web Site Created by St. John’s Abbey

Some members of Saint John’s Abbey have been charged with sexual misconduct. In collaboration with its divisions (Saint John’s University, Saint John’s Preparatory School and the Liturgical Press) the Abbey has created this Web site to provide information for alumni, … Continue reading

Q & A with The Rev. Donald Cozzens

“I think the real culprit here is the clerical system. When you have an all-male, semi-feudal system that you perceived as empowered by God, this kind of elite system, it’s hard not to think of yourself if you’re in it, … Continue reading

A Homily by Fr. Michael Patella, OSB

We are all sinners, perpetrators and non-perpetrators alike. Every sin, to a greater or lesser degree participates in the crucifixion of Christ. In sexual abuse, the perpetrators have crucified the victims, yes, but the story of the cross goes on. … Continue reading

A Homily by Fr. Dan Durken, OSB

Editor’s Note: Recent public statements by Abbot John Klassen regarding sexual misconduct and allegations of sexual abuse by members of the monastic community have ended what he refers to as a culture of secrecy. In the spirit of openness, Fr. … Continue reading

A Homily by Fr. Columba Stewart, OSB

The church today is full of doubt and mistrust. We are rightly shocked and embarrassed that betrayal, and heinous abuse can come from those who minister in Christ’s name. For whatever reason, many here this morning have very good reasons … Continue reading

How an abbot is elected

The Rule of Saint Benedict has a lot to say about the spiritual qualifications of an abbot. But this sixth-century guide to monastic life has less to say about the actual election process that will be followed as the monastic … Continue reading