Letter to Kettler: Warning to Area Students


Bishop Kettler,

In 2011, one of Father Tom Andert’s victims referred to the “horrible culture of hypocrisy” at Saint John’s Abbey in Collegeville. During several conversations, including his visit to Minnesota after Andert’s appointment in 2007, I heard his pain. Last month, that victim committed suicide.

I believe that Wednesday’s Catholic School’s Week event at Saint John’s Abbey feeds into that horrible culture of hypocrisy.

I challenge you to immediately ask Abbot John Klassen about the allegations made against not only Tom Andert, but each man on the attached PDF list. Then ask the abbot which of those allegations he has chosen to not make public. In the past, the abbot has shared that 25 members have been credibly accused. Due to limited space, the attached list shows the faces of only fourteen.

Please also ask Abbot Klassen how [he] is able to continue to rationalize the appointment of Father Tom Andert as prior, given Father Andert’s known offenses.

That anyone would knowingly lead 2200 children into an environment where sexual abuse of children remains covered up is morally reprehensible.

If you are not willing to cancel Wednesday’s event, I respectfully request that you make the attachment available to the 2200 students, their parents and all chaperones who will be visiting Collegeville. Each man listed has been credibly accused of sexual misconduct. In every case, the alleged misconduct involved a minor or vulnerable student.

Please confirm by Tuesday at noon whether the event will be cancelled, the flyer will be distributed or you intend to put members of your flock at risk.

I look forward to your response and will be available should you have any questions.

Patrick J Marker


Color Photos and Names for:

Father Tom Andert
Father Dunstan Moorse
Father Francisco Schulte
Father Finian McDonald
Father Allen Tarlton
Father Michael Bik
Father Isaac Connolly
Father Tom Gillespie
Father Brennan Maiers
Brother Jim Phillips
Father Mel Taylor
Father Timothy Backous
Father Dan Ward
Father Chrysostom Kim

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