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Photos of Sister Ann Marie Biermaier

Three photos of Sister Ann Marie Biermaier, O.S.B. from Saint Benedict’s Monastery in St. Joseph, Minnesota (USA).

Biermaier Removes Facebook Page

Sister Anne Marie Biermaier’s Facebook profile has been pulled.

Statement from Sister Biermaier’s Alleged Victim

I was afraid to tell my parents or anyone else about this until now. I was so ashamed of what happened with Sr. Ann Marie and felt like it was my fault. I still kind of feel that way. I … Continue reading

Regarding Sister Anne Marie Biermaier

Parish Faith Formation Assessment and Planning Tool By Jeffrey Kaster, Anne Marie Biermaier (1999) Ann Marie Biermaier, OSB, St. Joseph, Minnesota, teaches in the Education Department at the College of St. Benedict and Saint John’s University, St. Joseph, Minnesota. Doctor … Continue reading

St. Benedict’s Monastery Responds to Allegations

“It is clear from what he printed in the e-mail that the allegation is one of sexual misconduct with a minor. The Sister denies having any sexual contact with a minor.” – Sister Nancy Bauer, OSB

Email to Incoming Prioress and Others

On Wednesday, I learned that the “issue” was being discussed at the monastery and that “they” were “deciding what to do.” I passed this information along to the victim.

Sister Anne Marie Biermaier Made Aware of Allegations

On April 18, 2011, Sister Anne Marie Biermaier, O.S.B. from Saint Benedict’s Monastery in St. Joseph, Minnesota (USA) was contacted via telephone by Patrick Marker regarding allegations of misconduct made against her.  It has been alleged that two incidents of misconduct, … Continue reading

Saint Benedict’s Monastery (Wikipedia)

Saint Benedict’s Monastery is a monastery of the Sisters of the Order of Saint Benedict, in St. Joseph, Minnesota. The Sisters trace their roots to Saint Walburg Abbey in Eichstätt, in the Kingdom of Bavaria. Six of them emigrated to St. Cloud in 1857, moving to … Continue reading

The Sisters from St. Ben’s

A partial list of nuns from Saint Benedict’s Monastery in St. Joseph, Minnesota (USA).

St. Ben’s Susan Sink Regarding Women Priests

Today I went to a community Mass presided over by a Roman Catholic woman priest. These are women ordained as priests by male bishops or by women priests who were ordained by male bishops or, increasingly, women bishops. The important … Continue reading

Retired Superior Priest Suspended

“Right now, all we know is that maybe something happened, and maybe it involved a minor,” Lyons said. “Bishop [Peter] Christensen has made it clear that any time a situation comes to his attention where it’s even possible a minor … Continue reading

Sister Nancy Bauer’s Reflection

“An anniversary is a time to recall the past and celebrate whatever merits celebrating and reconcile whatever needs reconciling. But more importantly, it is a time to turn toward the future… At this time, I would rather dream of the possibilities … Continue reading

Vatican’s Ruling May Affect Local Policies

(SC Times) Vatican concerns about specific elements of the U.S. bishops’ sexual-abuse plan potentially could undo some of the recent actions St. Cloud Bishop John Kinney and St. John’s Abbot John Klassen have taken in recent weeks to address clergy … Continue reading