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The “Pedophile’s Paradise”

Wall’s first call as a sex-abuse fixer knocked on his door one morning in 1991, while he was brushing his teeth. [Pat] Wall was not yet a priest, just a monk studying at St. John’s University in Minnesota. The abbot … Continue reading

Credibly Accused of Sexual Misconduct

St. John’s Abbey Benedictine establishment at Collegeville, MN, the largest Benedictine monastery in the western world, adjacent to St. John’s University and St. John’s Preparatory School. At least 14 of the abbey’s nearly 200 monks have been credibly accused of … Continue reading

Former monk now investigates priests

SANTA ANA – In bright sunlight, Patrick Wall walked in darkness. Lost in the secular world. After 11 years as a Benedictine monk – six as a priest – he had renounced his vows and left St. John’s Abbey.

Priest Quits Church to Expose Scandals

Irish Benedictine monk Patrick Wall thought his life was over when he quit the priesthood in disgust at the way he claims his bosses covered up sickening sex scandals.

‘Divorce’ from the Benedictines

SANTA ANA, Calif. — After 11 years as a monk, Patrick Wall was so disheartened by cases of sexual abuse, he renounced his vows and left the abbey. now, he works investigating abusive priests

This American Life: Act Two. Confession.

Act two, Confession. We turn now to stories about people who are operating behind enemy lines in one way or another. And we begin with the story of a young priest who is sent out on a series of jobs … Continue reading

Former ‘fixer’ now helps the abuse victims

He liked the job at first. His superiors liked him. He was 26, he was moving fast, and he was doing God’s work. But by the time he’d taken over his fourth parish in four years, he realized he wasn’t … Continue reading

From Monk to Sex Plaintiffs’ Advocate

As a Benedictine monk, Patrick Wall gained the reputation as a fix-it priest for the Catholic Church. His first four assignments wearing a Roman collar: straightening out parishes tainted by molestation and financial scandal.