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Nick Coleman dumped by SJU

“As long as St. John’s has this man on the payroll, I will no longer give my money to St. John’s,” Busch wrote. “I will not support lies and false statements and half truths about anyone.” [Webmaster’s Note: This quote … Continue reading

Counsel’s statement on legal status of accused monks

[Webmaster’s Note: This is yet another attempt by the abbey’s public relations team to shift the focus from the members of its community who have raped, sodomized and otherwise destroyed the lives of 100’s of victims who trusted the monks … Continue reading

New Board Member, Same Results

There have been no public statements or annual reports from the St. John’s Abbey External Review Board in almost four years. Other than the Abbey’s claim that that it is an “independent external Review Board” [ View ] it is … Continue reading

Examining the Crisis: Scandal vs. crisis; PR vs. raw data

Ron Westrum, professor of sociology at Eastern Michigan University, suggests that organizations react in a series of stages to “anomalous reports.” They are: 1) suppression, 2) encapsulation, 3) public relations, 4) local fix, 5) global fix, and 6) investigation of … Continue reading

Saint John’s Abbey Continues to Sandbag: Admits Errors in Handling of Predator

This is an attempt at damage control.

Abbey removes statement about monk’s work history

(St. Cloud Times) St. John’s Abbey has removed from its website a statement about the work history of one of its monks accused of sexual abuse after questions were raised about the validity of the information in the statement.

St. John’s Removes Deceptive Statement from its Web Site

Two weeks after knowingly posting false information about Fr. Francisco Schulte on its web site, St. John’s Abbey has taken it down.

Web Site Comment

About a year ago I was at a meeting at the St. Cloud diocese offices and talked with a lady who was struggling with having an adult son who is homosexual. We got to talking about it and she mentioned … Continue reading

Email from 1980 Graduate of SJU

Interestingly I get solicited all the time from SJU for money. I have a friend in Minneapolis who’s son was molested by a neighbor, she compared it to SJU, and guess what I NEVER EVER heard about this before this … Continue reading

Dear Abbey

Cruising along Interstate 94 near St. Cloud, motorists often spot a giant slab of concrete jutting upward amid the Stearns County fields.