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SNAP’s Video of Abbot Timothy Kelly Press Conference (Video)

Witness the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth as A.W. Richard Sipe and Patrick J. Wall, both former Benedictine monks and now recognized world-renowned experts on clergy sexual abuse, return home to Minnesota in support of survivors … Continue reading

Klassen releases statement about sexual abuse claim against former abbot

“Contrary to Abbot Klassen’s accusations in his statement, we (filed the lawsuit) only because Saint John’s had already been made aware of the charges nearly six months ago and failed to investigate it, respond to it, or disclose it,” Anderson’s … Continue reading

Jeff Anderson Responds to St. John’s Abbot

Having just read the statement [ View ]  released today by Abbot John Klassen on behalf of the Abbey of Saint John’s, I am alarmed and deeply sad.

Statement from Abbot John Klassen Regarding Timothy Kelly

Sexual abuse and sexual exploitation are morally reprehensible.  Saint John’s Abbey works honestly and openly with victims of sexual abuse and their attorneys to do all we can to correct the grievous wrongs that have been committed in the past … Continue reading

Vatican Alerted to Timothy Kelly’s Misconduct in March

“As we discussed, I believe that misconduct by men such as Father Dan Ward and Abbot Timothy Kelly as perpetrators, and perhaps even more as concealers of misconduct perpetrated by others, have destroyed the integrity of the institution and the … Continue reading

Lawsuit details abuse of altar boy by former St. John’s abbot

A.W. Richard Sipe, a former monk at St. John’s who has worked on numerous cases of clergy sex abuse nationwide, said at a news conference Tuesday that he spoke to the man who is alleging the abuse and that there … Continue reading

New York man sues St. John’s Abbey

(Star Tribune) A New York man is suing St. John’s Abbey and the Order of St. Benedict in Collegeville, Minn., alleging a former abbot sexually abused him decades ago at a Bronx church.

Saint John’s Abbey Statement Regarding Abbot Timothy Kelly

The Abbey was saddened and shocked to learn of allegations of sexual abuse in the mid-60s against one of its deceased members, Abbot Timothy Kelly. In accordance with its Policy, Saint John’s Abbey has begun an investigation of the accusation.

Former St. John’s abbot accused of molesting NY teen in ’60s

(MPR) St. Paul, Minn. — A New York man says a former abbot at Minnesota’s St. John’s Abbey sexually abused him decades ago while he was a parish priest in the Bronx. The Rev. Timothy Kelly later went on to … Continue reading

New York man sues St. John’s Abbey

(AP) ST. PAUL, Minn. – Two former monks at St. John’s Abbey say the monastery fosters a culture of sexual secrecy that comes from the top. Patrick Wall and Richard Sipe joined St. Paul attorney Jeff Anderson on Tuesday to announce … Continue reading

Former altar boy accuses Abbot Timothy Kelly of abuse

(SC Times) A New York man is suing St. John’s Abbey and the Order of St. Benedict, accusing former Abbot Timothy Kelly of sexually abusing him in 1966 when the man was an altar boy and when Kelly was associate … Continue reading

New Lawsuit says Former St. John’s Abbot Timothy Kelly abused altar boy in 1966

Media Advisory/News Conference Tuesday, June 7, 2011 at 12:30

Timeline & Quotes: Timothy Kelly

April 20, 1934 – Thomas Daniel Kelly born in Milwaukee, WI Grades 1 – 6: Public Schools in Minneapolis, MN Grades 7 & 8: Annunciation Parish School in Minneapolis, MN High School: St. Thomas Military Academy in St. Paul, MN … Continue reading

Abbot Kelly Covered Up Misconduct by Fr. Schulte

St. John’s Abbey publications and newspaper articles from the 1990s on contradict the abbey’s own statement about the whereabouts and work history of the Rev. Francisco Schulte after the abbey received an allegation of sexual misconduct against him.  

Abbot Kelly Covered Up Misconduct by Fr. Gillespie

[Update: On November 24, 2015, files were released with information about this matter. Please view the update… Here ] When Fr. Thomas Gillespie was yanked from the Catholic church in Saint Joseph, Minnesota on February 23, 1996, replacement priest Fr. … Continue reading

Abbot Kelly Covered Up Misconduct by Fr. Dan Ward

When I reported the misconduct by Fr. Dan Ward to Abbot Timothy Kelly he listened but then dismissed me saying I was over exaggerating and it would all pass by… I could not believe this. I was consoled by another monk … Continue reading

Abbot Kelly Covered Up Misconduct by Archabbot Nowicki

Abbot Timothy Kelly, in his capacity president of the American-Cassinese Congregation, was complicit in the cover-up of allegations of sexual misconduct made against Archabbot Douglas Nowicki of St. Vincent Archabbey in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, when the allegations reported to Abbot Timothy Kelly were … Continue reading

Covering Abuse Expenses

In a 1998 memo regarding abuse by Michael Bik, Abbot Timothy Kelly made it clear that Saint John’s Abbey, not the individual monk, covers the cost of abuse (including counseling payments for victims). Abbot Timothy Kelly wrote: “With his monastic vows, … Continue reading

Misconduct in St. Joseph, MN

When Fr. Thomas Gillespie was yanked from the church on February 23, 1996, replacement priest Fr. Dan Ward and Abbot Timothy Kelly refused to provide an honest answer — the real reason — for Fr. Gillespie’s removal. According to the … Continue reading

Another ISTI Member Speaks Up

If the Abbey wants to take credit for ISTI, then it needs to be open about what actually happened, which is that the effort simply dissolved once the actual issues began to be addressed. – Elisabeth Horst, former ISTI Advisory Member