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More Deception from St. John’s Abbey [re Schulte]

At least four claims made in the St. John’s Abbey “Statement on Father Francisco Schulte” (May 18, 2010) [ View ] are blatantly false or contradict other statements made by the Abbey:

Rally for Joshua seeks renewed look into 2002 disappearance

The seventh anniversary of the disappearance of Joshua Guimond of Maple Lake was marked by peaceful rallies on Saturday at the campus of St. John’s University in Collegeville and at the Stearn’s County Law Enforcement Center in St. Cloud.

Seven Years… Time To Start Asking Questions

Today (November 10, 2009) marks the seven year anniversary of Joshua Guimond’s disappearance from the St. John’s University campus in Collegeville, Minnesota.

Caught in a Coverup

On October 2, 2002 the St. Cloud Times reported that a settlement agreement between St. John’s and several victims had been reached. Three days later, and one month before Joshua Guimond disappeared, another article appeared in the St. Cloud Times.

Disappearance of SJU student reaches 7 years

Family and friends of Josh Guimond today will mark seven years since the St. John’s University student disappeared after leaving a card party on campus.

Rally Urges Further Search For St. John’s Student

University student Josh Guimond disappeared. His family has not given up hope finding him and marched Saturday to keep that effort going.

‘Justice for Josh’ rally, prayer service set for Nov. 7

Family, friends and supporters of Joshua Guimond will be joining forces with victims of sexual abuse to host the “Justice for Josh” march on Nov. 7.

Justice for Josh March – Starting Point

Supporters are meeting at noon on Saturday, November 7th.*hW8

7th Anniversary Of Guimond Disappearance Next Week

COLLEGEVILLE, Minn. (AP) ― It’s been nearly seven years since St. John’s University student Josh Guimond disappeared after leaving a small card party about midnight.

Justice for Josh March Timeline

November 7th 2009: Times Approximate 12:00n – 1:00pm: March at St. John’s

Events planned for missing Maple Lake man

Family, friends and supporters of Joshua Guimond will be joining forces with victims of sexual abuse to host the “Justice for Josh” march on Nov. 7.

Justice for Josh March

Press Release [ View as PDF ] October 29, 2009 Press Release – “Justice for Josh” March * Joshua Guimond disappeared while at St. John’s University in Collegeville, MN in 2002. * November 7, 2009 is the inaugural “Justice for … Continue reading

Anniversary for Abducted Student throws Long Shadows on Dying Benedictine Monastery

The fading Monastery, Saint John’s Abbey in Collegeville has been the home of many revolutionaries both political and cultural. Its numbers have been, predictably, declining steadily over the years, perhaps owing to this singular but all-too-common fact that Catholic religious … Continue reading

Joshua Guimond’s Final Journey

Based on interviews and ongoing private investigation, here’s a summary of Joshua Guimond’s last known movements and locations (as best I’ve been able to establish) the night he disappeared, along with a campus map and numbered legend to track Guimond’s … Continue reading

Why Joshua Guimond’s disappearance should be investigated as a suspicious missing person case

This analysis is a counterpoint to Richard Meryhew’s article “One last sip, one last step: A walk after a night of drinking has ended in disaster for a dozen young men at college” (Star Tribune, Feb. 12, 2006).

What happened to Joshua Guimond?

The following analysis by Julie Seifert, at the time a senior psychology major at the College of Saint Benedict in St. Joseph, Minn., was published as the Your Turn column “Guimond analysis maintains mystery” in the St. Cloud Times on … Continue reading

Still Missing in the Midwest

Wisconsin and Minnesota, 2002. Four young people, unknown to each other, go missing within an eleven-day period and a two hundred mile radius. The vanishings make national headlines. The stories ask the same question: coincidence or serial killer?

The Likely Profile of Joshua Guimond’s Abductor

The offender responsible for Joshua Guimond’s disappearance, if foul play is involved, would have the following personal characteristics: above average intelligence; socially competent, with good interpersonal skills; employed in a skilled occupation; high birth order status (e.g., first-born son); a … Continue reading

Organized Pedophilia and the Criminal Exploitation of Children

On the streets of every city in America there are thousands of children, both boys and girls, selling themselves into prostitution. Almost nothing is done to discourage this. Some of these children are on their own, others are preyed upon … Continue reading

Unsolved case raises questions 3 years later

It was a frigid November night when he vanished from SJU without leaving his glasses, his coat or any solid clues to his whereabouts behind. Three years and a day later, Joshua Guimond is still missing.